Should You Start Your Own Business Online?

Looking to build your own company? If so, should you should start your own business online?

start your own business online
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No matter which way you look at it – starting your own business can be pretty nerve-wracking. So much so, that many budding entrepreneurs quit before they even start. Yet, instead of talking yourself out of this amazing opportunity to create something of your own – you should be excited about the potential.

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In fact, in 2019, building a business is easier than it has ever been. Why is that? Because now, you can start your own business online and go direct to consumer.

So, if you’re thinking of starting any type of business – whether you’re offering products or services – should you bypass the brick and mortar and head straight for the web?

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Let’s talk about why you should start your own business online, today.

Why You Should Start Your Own Business Online

Direct To Consumer Means No Middle Man

If you’re going to start your own business online, there’s no better way to go than direct to consumer.

But, what exactly does direct to consumer mean?

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Direct to consumer is an e-commerce model that allows businesses to sell their products right to the consumer without the use of a middle man such as a distributor or big box retailer.

While some brands may be tempted to have their items placed on the shelfs of the heavy hitters in commerce – not every company can survive that selling model. Therefore, a brand that wants to drop external fees and focus on developing its own customer base should choose the direct to consumer path.

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In fact, if you’re starting your own business online – you need to focus on the strengths of your brand.

With those 4 simple pillars, you can effectively build and grow a successful online business.

Instantly More Exposure

The second benefit of starting your own business online is the access to instant exposure. 

The Internet is a powerful tool. And, the number of people who go online each day is in the tens, maybe hundreds of millions. Which poses the question – why wouldn’t you want to build your company online?

While you will still have small hills to climb such as SEO and ranking above your competition – your chances of success are far greater than any other alternative marketing plan.

Think about it: If you opened your business in person first, how would you get people in the door? You’d have to go online to social media and your personal website to market, advertise and build your audience. That seems to be reverse thinking.

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Instead, start your business online. Build and retain a loyal group of followers and aim to expand as much as you can over time. This may even include opening a physical location.

With selling online, you are gaining exposure and attention organically. Sure, you may need to run advertisements and employ aggressive marketing efforts – but there’s this serendipitous element to the Internet that is magic for small brands. The power of word of mouth, someone finding your website by chance or having your link shared on social media.

Just with these small tactics, you are landing more attention and reach than any initial storefront could offer you. In short, your best bet is to think online, plan for growth and expand when the time is right.

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The Ability To Reach a Larger Consumer Base

The final reason why you should start your own business online is because you will have the ability to reach a larger consumer base. 

Online selling opens the doors to every place in the world that has a semi-strong Internet connection. If an individual can access the Internet, they can find your brand – does any other medium offer that level of visibility?

In fact, the Internet’s global capacity can take your brand from a domestic endeavor to an international success. Just think about how many brands you can find today that ship and sell to oversees customers? Or, how many offer shopping experiences in varying currencies?

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Theres’s no denying that selling online is an endless opportunity. And, if you have a great idea or product – why wouldn’t you want to share it with as many people as possible?

Isn’t the goal to always be expanding and reaching new heights? Sure, this global takeover may not be for every brand and that’s perfectly okay. But, if you want your brand to be seen by the world – you need to consistently build and grow your online presence.

So, should you start your own business online? We think so. In fact, by 2020, the United States is  predicted to have 16% of its total retail sales coming from e-commerce stores.

There’s no better time than now to start building and growing your business online.

Are you thinking of starting your own online business? Or do you already have an e-commerce brand?

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