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Living In The Moment As A Photographer

If you’re a photographer, how do you live in the moment? How do you stay present? Can you? California-based videographer Connelly Molnar believes there is a difference between documenting a moment and experiencing a moment. When he documents, he blocks everything else out – the people, what it looks like through his eyes – and simply […]


Every week, H Collective chooses 5-10 of their favorites images from the #MetOnTheHub tag on Instagram and compiles them into a short list for the community to vote on! Every Thursday, the photographer and model with the most votes will receive $100 each and H will announce the next set of finalists. In doing this, […]

Structuring Your Brand With H Agency

In the third episode of ‘James and Pojo Slouch In Chairs And Talk About Things,’ we, the viewers, get a little inside scoop on How To Build A Brand. H Agency has brands that come in and wonder how to liberate themselves with their messages and their content. Okay, first things first: Brand Strategy 101. […]

Gary Vaynerchuk x H

Our founder James Cole spoke to Gary Vaynerchuk about H and influencer marketing and content. James explains what H entails, how someone can become a part of it, and that it is a community of influencers who care. H works because everyone involved cares so much about the people and the projects and H works […]

6 Books You Need To Read If You’re A Creative Professional

While life as a creative professional can often feel like a uniquely singular experience, the truth is that if you know where to look, there’s a ton of great advice to be had. From monetizing your art to creating a sustainable work-life balance, chances are someone before you has faced a similar struggle. So in […]


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