Direct to Consumer Advertising With Photography

direct to consumer advertising
H Agency For Certain Standard

If you’re selling your products direct to consumer, you need to catch the attention of your audience in an instant. Yet, with the amount of competition, how can you make your brand stand out from the rest? The best way to ignite interest and spark action is by leading your direct to consumer advertising with photography.

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Direct to consumer brands are revolutionizing the consumer marketplace. They are making it easier than ever to shop from a brand without using a middle man or big name retailer. If you like a brand, you visit their website, select your products and purchase – yes, it’s that easy.

So, if the process is seamless – how can you make your strategy stronger and gain the attention of valuable customers? Let’s talk direct to consumer advertising with photography.

Direct to Consumer Advertising With Photography

Create Content Constantly

The first tip to remember with direct to consumer advertising is that you need the three C’s: create content constantly.

Content should be considered one of the main pillars of your business. Because you are selling solely through online spaces, you need to be pushing your brand through various channels at every available opportunity.

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New product line? Create content.

Having a summer sale? Create content.

Want to stay relevant and gain new followers on social media? Create content.

Okay, you get the gist by now. Without the content wheel churning, you’ll be left in the dust. Instead of letting your brand suffer, integrate content creation into every aspect of your daily goals.

In fact, creating content isn’t as hard as you think. Did you know that you can hire creators to do it for you? Find multiple photographers to keep on a monthly retainer or start with one to shoot your next brand campaign.

With their creativity and expertise, your content will not only be fresh and new – but it will stand out, entice and captivate your audience.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside the Box

The second tip to remember with direct to consumer advertising is that you can’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Like we said, with online selling you need to grab your customer’s attention from the start. Yet, if your images all look the same or mimic the style of every other DTC brand on the market – you’re not going to stand out.

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Look, we get it. If you sell products, then simple images of your stock on a white background seems like the obvious choice. But, what if you took a little risk and stepped outside the box of conventionality?

No matter what your brand sells – fashion, products, food, hats, sneakers, towels – you can create photography that gives your brand that shareable, awe-inspiring, cool factor.

Take our agency work for the brand Certain Standard, an awesome umbrella company that delivers a high quality product. Instead of just photographing their umbrellas with a typical, product mindset – our photographers added dimension, composition and a pop of color. Check out the work by one of our photographers, Joelle Rosen below:

Direct to Consumer Advertising
H Agency for Certain Standard
direct to consumer advertising
H Agency For Certain Standard

Just by adding the element of color, varying poses and crafting different compositions – Joelle was able to turn the product imagery of umbrellas into a complete, creative campaign.

Take our word for it – think outside of the box for your next creative project – and sit back and watch how interested your consumers will respond.

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Share, Share, Share

The third tip to remember with direct to consumer advertising is to share your content on every available platform.

Not only is it important to create valued, engaging content – but you need to be sharing it across every social platform. In fact, limiting yourself to solely Instagram or Facebook is the wrong approach. Don’t make the mistake of thinking too small.

As a direct to consumer brand, you should use multiple platforms in unison with one another to create a strong social media strategy. For example:

  • Instagram: Use it to post images, stories and add a shopping feature, so consumers can purchase from your feed.
  • Twitter: Share brand updates, images and retweet content that inspires you
  • Facebook: Push your brand’s blog posts, videos, creative campaigns and run ads that reach the right customers
  • Pinterest: Give your brand that pin worthy aspect – showcase all of your creative content in one place.
  • LinkedIn: Add the professional touch your company needs – explain why you are different and how you’re disrupting the marketplace.

By using each of these platforms as moving parts to your overall social strategy, you will effectively be able to share your high quality content and continue to reach new, interested consumers. 

Find a Professional, Creative Photographer

The final tip to remember with direct to consumer advertising is that you need to find a professional, creative photographer. 

In order to create constant content, think outside the box and have images worth sharing – you have to find a professional, creative photographer. It’s important to hire creators that understand your brand and vision. And, in doing so – they will use their skills and knowledge to capture images and build content that you’ve only dreamed of.


So, what are you waiting for? Find the best photographer for your brand. Use our H platform and gain access to thousands of creatives who can effectively and creatively redefine your direct to consumer advertising.

Take a look at our community creators on our Marketplace and find the photographer that’s perfect for you.

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