20 Of The Best ‘Caption Questions’ To Engage Followers

What are the best caption questions to engage your followers?

caption questions
Caption Questions

Engaging followers on Instagram is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding aspects of building a brand, company, or personal entity on the platform. Having strong engagement creates a sense of community and connection, which will bring viewers to your page, time and time again.

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If you’re looking for ways to relate to and grow your followers, here is a list of twenty questions to ask to prompt responses and create genuine engagement:

20 Best Caption Questions

“What’s one thing on your mind today?”

“What’s something you’re thankful for?”

“What’s one question you have about ___ you’d like me to answer?”

“What’s been your biggest challenge in growing your business/brand?”

“What’s your favorite social media app?”

“What’s one thing you wish you learned earlier?”

“What’s your brand message or theme?”

“What’s one word you would use to identify yourself?”

“Who do you admire and why?”

“What is something you’re struggling with right now—mentally, emotionally, conceptually, etc.?”

20 Of The Best ‘Caption Questions’ To Engage Followers

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“What does your brand/company/account/business offer that sets you apart?”

“What’s an app or tool that you can’t live without?”

“What’s something no one would know about you by looking at your Instagram account?”

“What pushed you to start your business/brand/account?”

“What motivates you the most?”

“What’s your ‘why’ behind what you’re doing/what drives you?”

“What’s a little-known fact about you/your business?”

Cross-platform engagement: “Tag an account you love.”

Call to action: “Tag someone you think needs to see this content.”

Giveaway: “Follow this account and tag someone for an entry to win ___.”