Be Better Than Stock Photography. Hire A Photographer Instead

Kayla Mendez

There’s no denying that stock photography is a part of meme culture. You don’t want your business to be something that people laugh at, right? You want them to take you and your brand seriously. Stock photography is simply going to pull you down. So, seriously. Why are you still using boring stock photography when you could just hire a photographer instead?

What’s so bad about stock photography?

It lacks originality, authenticity, and the clickable factor.

Have you seen the classic image of a woman laughing and eating a salad? I’m sure a few different stock photos come to mind… and that’s because there are tons of photos of a woman laughing while eating salad. And in every photo, the facial expressions are the same. It’s forced content and there’s nothing good about that. Whether or not the same photographer was used for every salad photo, it still proves that it’s unoriginal content because there are so many like it.

If you want content that stands out and grab people’s attention, you shouldn’t be using stock photos that everyone else in the world has access to. You want your photos to tell a story and invite people in to learn more about what your business is and what is offered. You want real people, with real facial expressions, doing real things. You want relatability.

So how do you do that?

Hire a photographer!

Why? Visual content matters and digital campaigns have a powerful effect.

Your potential consumers are living in a highly-saturated world online and you want your advertisements to grab their attention fast.

How do I do that? 

Hire a photographer who will capture your brand’s vision and convey it into photos for the world to see. Your vision and their tools are two ingredients for the perfect visual asset recipe. Creative individuals, like photographers, know how to make things original and unique. They know how important it is to find a message within art and they’ll make sure your consumers look for it. They understand relatability and authenticity and how important they are. A hired photographer will help you convey your message to consumers: what you’re offering, how it will benefit them, and why you’re better than the rest.

It’s okay to spend money on photos when it’s good quality and will provide you positive traffic from people. The visual assets for your business shouldn’t be generic or talk at the consumer in a terrible sales pitch, but rather, it should be unique and tell a story that makes them intrigued to know more.

How? Use H.

H Collective is a group of creative professionals who help you find the best quality talent. Not only have we vetted and hand-picked the best of the best from all over — photographers who are creative, skilled, professional, diverse, and unique — but you have the opportunity to filter through to find the best person to create your digital campaign.

On The Hub, you can filter the photographers based on location and style and easily hire the talents that could fit your brand.

The hired photographer will know what works and what doesn’t work, with not only the lighting and the angles, but with the message behind the photos. They can understand and take the vision you have for your brand and create it into a reality, and even do it in a way that is authentic and original.

So, to get instant access to the best photographers and creators, sign up now and become a part of the H Hub platform.