The 6 Best Entrepreneur Books To Read When Starting Your Own Business

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If you’re starting your own business or going off on your own as a freelance creative, you’re probably equally excited and nervous to take the jump. Yet, despite any hesitations you may have, being your own boss will give you pride, success and confidence in your abilities. If you’re looking for an extra push of inspiration, why not grab one of the best entrepreneur books for some light reading?

Whether you’re interested in starting a brand, building a company or making your freelance side hustle a full time gig – there is a book to help you along this journey.

Let’s turn your dreams into a reality with these 6 best entrepreneur books you can pick up today.

6 Best Entrepreneur Books To Help You Start Your Own Business

The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage 

The first best entrepreneur book is The Power of Broke.

By Shark Tank Star and founder of the brand, Fubu, the author, Daymond John, digs deep into the trials and tribulations of starting your own business. The book focuses on “Why starting a business on a limited budget can be an entrepreneur’s greatest competitive advantage.”

Daymond was able to go from being broke to owning a lifestyle brand that has grossed over $6 billion in sales. Reading this will not only teach you how to become your own boss, but will show you how hard work and determination leads to the greatest of successes.

Grab your copy, here. 

The Compound Effect 

The second best entrepreneur book is the Compound Effect.

By the author, Darren Hardy, this novel takes on the idea that “Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default.”

Hardy is a successful business leader in the media industry for 25 years. And, he uses his life and professional experiences to teach unique success strategies to people around the world. This book aims to be motivational and teach you how to live the life you always imagined.

Grab your own copy, here.

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love and Create a New Future

The third best entrepreneur book is The $100 Startup. 

By Chris Guillebeau, the $100 startup shows you how to “Lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living.”

The concept of the book came from Chris’ journey around the world to over 175 nations. Yet, he’s never held a real job or earned a regular paycheck. Instead, he has turned his smart ideas into income that funds his lifelong adventure.

So, he aimed to write a book that shows that you can start a business with little time or money. What you will read is his first hand case study of 50 people who built businesses earning 50,000 or more by just starting with around $100 or less.

If you’re looking for purpose, freedom and fulfillment – this book is a must read.

Pick up your copy, here.

The 4 Hour Workweek

The fourth best entrepreneur book is the 4 Hour Workweek. 

Timothy Ferriss is the pioneer of the “4 Hour Workweek.” A methods that aims to show people how to “live more and work less.”

The book is a step by step guide to luxury lifestyle design. And, shows how you can optimize your work for a better quality of life. You will gain insight by reading tips and case studies on individuals who have tested this theory and proved its effectiveness in their own life.

If you’re looking to change your life as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to read this book.

Grab your copy, here. 

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Start Your Own Business: The Only Startup Book You’ll Ever Need

The fifth best entrepreneur book is Start Your Own Business.

By the Staff of Entrepreneur Media, this book is an accumulation of 33 years of small business expertise. It takes you behind the scenes of building a business and helps you recognize your potential for success.

It includes topics such as choosing a business, adding partners, getting funded and managing employees.

If you’re looking for a complete guide on entrepreneurship, this is the book for you.

You can pick up your own copy, here. 

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

The sixth best entrepreneur book is She Means Business.

By author, Carrie Green, this book is all about turning your ideas into a reality and building your own business.

Starting her own company at age 20, Green understand the ups and downs of building a successful business. In this book, she gives you insight and guidance to help your operation get started.

This is a great read for any creative and driven #Girlboss – looking to break into the world of entrepreneurship.

Check it out and grab a copy, here. 

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