User Generated Content: The Power of Authenticity

user generated content
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If you want to get your brand name out there, you need to have people talking about it. In fact, the most powerful type of marketing comes straight from the mouths of your consumers. Whether it be through reviews, posting pictures or sending out a tweet – consumers are now sharing their experiences through user generated content.

Now, if you’re not sure what user generated content (UGC) is – we’re here to help.

So, let’s give you some insight into what user generated content is and how it builds authenticity with your consumers.

What Is User Generated Content?

You’ve probably heard of user generated content before. But, maybe you aren’t sure what it’s all about.

User generated content is defined as content that has been created by your consumers without any form of compensation. Rather than being paid to promote your products, they are sharing their insight and experience simply because they like your brand.

This UGC can come in the form of pictures, tweets, reviews and blog posts. Essentially, if a consumer shares something on the Internet, it’s user generated content.

With user generated content, the key element is that it allows your consumers and followers to actively promote your brand.

The following scenarios are examples of UGC:

  • A brand encourages consumers to share a picture with their product on social media
  • The product itself has social media elements such as a hashtag or call to action that urges users to share. E.g. Coca Cola’s – “Share a Coke” campaign
  • Without any push or call to action, a consumer genuinely likes a product and shares a picture, writes a blog post or crafts a tweet displaying this interest.

So, now that we know what UGC is – let’s talk about why it’s so powerful and how it can help your brand.

The Power of UGC

We know that user generated content is successful. By obtaining reviews and support from their consumers, a brand with UGC will continue to draw positive attention and interest.

Yet, what exactly makes user generated content so powerful?

The answer – It places control into the direct hands of the consumer.

User generated content gives users the ability to share their genuine and truthful opinion about a product. Now, more than ever, audiences want to ditch old marketing schemes to embrace authenticity in the marketplace.

But, this isn’t exactly a new concept. In fact, we know that the fastest growing demographic of consumers are millennials. And, what do millennials favor when it comes to marketing initiatives? Truth and transparency.

Therefore, by placing consumers at the forefront of your brand – a positive UGC message can only build upon your company’s success.

The more your users support and promote your brand, the better chance you have of growing and expanding your audience.

Why Authenticity Means Everything With Consumers

In today’s marketplace, authenticity means everything to your consumers.

In fact, many people have a strong distrust for marketing ploys and schemes. So much so, that any type of disingenuous advertising will send them straight into the hands of your competition.

With this, brands need to realize that traditional advertising may no longer be the right approach. Instead of crafting ads that push people to buy something, we need to reconfigure our game plan.

By understanding and implementing ways to promote user generated content – your brand will see a drastic shift in consumer engagement.

In all, your focus should be on creating the best possible product for your customers. Not, tricking them with some old school method of advertising.

So, instead of leading with ads that push your users away. Let them take the initiative and come to you.

Allow their truthful and honest reviews to drive more interest to your brand. In return, this focus on authenticity and transparency, will help you turn your consumers into true advocates for your company.

As you can see, user generated content helps you build your brand with an authentic and truthful voice. By turning your customers into advocates, you will effectively be able to grow a business based on audience approval.

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