Planning A Professional Photo Shoot For Your Brand

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Your brand needs creativity and innovation. In order to stand out and leave your competitors in the dust, you have to develop a strategic plan to heighten the visibility of your business. But, how exactly do you achieve this? Our answer – by planning a professional photo shoot for your brand.

Photos, images and visuals are selling machines. No matter which way you look at it, they offer immense value to your company’s products or services. In fact, quality creative assets can entice and lock in a consumer’s purchase decision.

So, if you’re looking to take your brand to new heights – you need a creative visual campaign.

Here’s our advice on how to do so and four tips for an effective professional photo shoot.

Planning A Professional Photo Shoot For Your Brand

Decide Which Products Or Services You Will Feature

The first tip to planning your professional photo shoot is to decide which products or services you will feature.

A successful brand campaign begins with knowing what you want to showcase and market. For example, if you are launching a new product, all of your photography efforts should focus on capturing this item. But, if you are offering a discount on an entire line, then you can effectively mix and integrate the items together to create a larger visual collection.

The same is true for a company that offers services. In your photo shoot, you want to create a message that is clear and concise for the consumer to understand. For example, if you’re a company that offers a financial service, all of your images should show this process in action.

Create images where your consumers are using the product, getting financial help and in a suitable location. Avoid vague or misguided images that could look like any other service. Be specific and honed in on what your company is about.

Determine Your Marketing Channels

The second tip to planning your professional photo shoot is to determine your marketing channels.

Your marketing plan will be aligned with your photo shoot production. Before you begin to produce your visuals, you need to know where these will be used and in what capacity. This is not only helpful for the photographer, but for your overall advertising efforts.

The best place to start is social media. Since this is the easiest way to reach your consumer, you will need to share these images on all of your relevant platforms. With this, you will want to make sure your images are fit for social output. Focus on landscape orientated images or portraits that can fit the 1:1 ratio of Instagram.

If you’re going to share these images on your blog and website, you can be a bit more flexible and capture various compositions and angles. You will always need landscape photos for your banner image, but you can also use the portrait style across your website.

In order to get the images you need, create a shot list for your photo shoot. Let the photographer know your preference on composition and how many images you need of each setup. These extra details will be helpful, efficient and streamline your photo production.

Choose A Location

The third tip to planning your professional photo shoot is to choose a location.

Once you know what products or services you will be capturing and the marketing channels in which you will share your images – it’s time to choose a location.

The location of your photo shoot will either be in a studio or on location at a specific indoor or outdoor place.

The purpose of your shoot can help you decide your location. For example, if you are just looking to capture your line of products – then a studio will be the best setting for you. It is a controlled environment that allows you to alter and adjust elements as you need, without any external distractions. Studios are perfect for creating images that have a uniform look.

On the other hand, if you want to create a bigger story with your images – you should shoot on location. This can be at a cool apartment, eclectic space or outdoor venue. For example, if you’re shooting a fashion line – you could use the busy streets of a city to show the pieces in action. Or, if your brand is a adventure backpack company, you can photograph your product while out in the wilderness.

The location you use will need to align with your creative intention. By first determining what you hope to capture, you can effectively choose the right location for your brand campaign.

Hire A Creative Team

The fourth tip to planning your professional photo shoot is to hire a creative team.

A creative team will help you take your ideas and turn them into a complete, successful brand campaign. Not only do they have the skills and expertise, but they have the vision and direction that your company needs.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are guaranteed to have photos that exceed your expectations. They will take your visual plan and produce images that ignite interest and action from your consumers.

Yet, which platform should you use when sourcing a highly effective creative team? Try H. 

At H, we are a community of professional and talented photographers. We have years of experience with a multitude of brand clients. And, we have produced content for multiple consumer industries such as food, fashion and product.

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