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The Ultimate Utah Road Trip For Beautiful Photos

Road trips are a fun way to see a large amount of area in a relatively short amount of time, capturing some beautiful images along the way. I’ve made quite a few trips with friends, and it’s so much fun to have photoshoots in some of the most amazing locations in the U.S. We wanted […]

The Best Entry Level Instant Film Cameras

If you miss the days of holding a snapshot in your hands seconds after the photograph is taken, then you should consider investing in an instant film camera! That way, you will be able to see your work without any wait time in between. Even though these are cameras from the past, they are designed […]

The Best Photography Contests To Enter in 2018-2019

Photo contests are one the best ways to gain exposure as a photographer. Whether you are a professional or just starting out. Most photo competitions are open to photographers of all levels and experiences. Many contests offer generous cash prizes, gift certificates, equipment, or workshop opportunities, and most importantly, as a winner, you will gain […]

The Best Social Media Agencies in Every Major City

We know by now that a strong social media presence is paramount to a brand’s success. In fact, 2017 was the first year that digital media spending was greater than the amount spent on traditional, in-print advertising. In other words, this trend is only projected to continue. It’s never been more crucial to have an […]

5 Social Media Accounts Ad Nerds Should Be Following

Donald Trump is president, the Supreme Court is stacked, the coming climate apocalypse is only 10 years away and one of the most direct consequences of these things is that scrolling through your social media is a full-on dumpster fire.  And that’s not even taking into account that you’re in advertising, an industry that’s going […]

The Best Photography Studios in Atlanta

If you’re a photographer looking to shoot in a premier photography studio in Atlanta, or an Atlanta-based model searching for the best photography studio for headshots, we have you covered. Atlanta is living up to its nickname of “The Hollywood of the Southeast,” and as creatives flock to the city, the caliber and scope of […]

Outfits To Enhance Your Fitness Photography Shoot

With the rise of social media and consumers looking for advice on varying subjects from online influencers, it’s crucial for these online celebrities to have a lot of content. By capturing and shooting enough content for their pages, influencers can help navigate followers through specific fields of interest – categories like fitness. Whether it’s featuring […]

How To Shoot In Direct Light

Light is every photographer’s best friend and worst enemy. We’ve all been there at one time or another when we plan for a certain kind of light and due to forces out of our control experience another. As someone who is used to photographing while traveling, I have had many fair shares of mishaps when […]


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