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How To Write Posts That People Will Actually Read & Share

No matter what industry you work in, having a social presence is paramount. In the digital age, the internet is how people shop, connect and consume, so whether you’re beginning a small business, spearheading communications at a corporation, or just trying to make your own voice more distinct, understanding how to write sharable, interesting content […]

Performance And Privacy on Instagram — And How That Can Affect Your Mind

New Year’s Eve is probably one of the better nights for influencers to do their influencing. There is both the party lane and the new-year-new-you lane, and most of the best of influencers are either paragons of extravagance or asceticism. December 31st and January 1st have built in opportunities for each type to do what […]

Freelance Rates In The Gig Economy

You’ve probably heard of the gig economy. Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’re part of the gig economy, a group of people who work as independent contractors and are not beholden to a single employer. Maybe you’re a freelance photographer, model, or a social media strategist, writer, or Uber driver. Or you could […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Social Media Marketing Agency

Hearing the professional term social media marketing agency, can sound both confusing and intimidating. A seemingly corporate atmosphere ready to give your business a face online – how does that work? The reason it works, and very well we may add, is because within each agency lives a team dedicated towards you, your brand, and […]

10 Social Media Agencies In LA That Are Representing Your Favorite Influencers

The rise and growth of the influencer industry has taken the marketing and social media landscape by storm. With an influx of present day campaigns and advertising models being focused around the concept of commerce through influence, we have seen a true boom in what defines our buying and selling behaviors. Although not many could […]

10 Influencer Marketing Agencies of 2019 That You Should Know

It seems that with every passing day, the industry of social media and influencer marketing continues to grow and expand into the advertising space. With no signs of slowing down, the evolution of influencer content is bound to make even larger strides in the new year.   In the influencer industry, working with and being […]

How To Take Your Social Media Management Services To The Next Level

Have you ever wondered what being a social media manager entails? As a career path that has slowly developed over the last several years, social media management is an industry that is ideal for any one who is social media obsessed. As a social media manager, be prepared to live and breath the social atmosphere. This […]

12 Influencer Apps You Need for Your Personal Brand

As an influencer, you spend a substantial amount of time creating, producing and posting content on your phone. Since all of the major social media applications are mobile focused, the average amount of screen time we experience and utilize for work related projects far exceeds that of the generations before us. When working as an […]

What Can Social Media Management Companies Do For You?

Looking to build your presence on social media? You may be familiar with the process of social media management. Social media management companies help to establish, grow and maintain specific business-focused social media accounts. Your social media profiles are core sources of interest and engagement for your audience and customers. In order to successfully build a […]


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