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What Is It About Shooting On Film That Makes Everything Feel More Real?

The beauty of shooting film photography relies on the artist’s ability to create an image that feels intentional, real and authentic. In a world where we want our content as soon as yesterday, film photography and the analog process forces us to slow down. Film photography is still a medium of choice for creatives who […]

What Is The Rule of Thirds? A Guide To Composition in Photography

Composition is an important principle of photography that allows us to create visually balanced and intriguing images. One of the most well known and practiced rules of composition is the Rule of Thirds. According to its definition, the rule of thirds is the “rule of thumb or guideline which applies to the process of composing […]

How To Deal With Anxiety Before A Photo Shoot

The moments leading up to a professional photo shoot can be nerve wracking. Even for the calmest of creatives, the underlying pressure of performing well and delivering high quality work remains a mental concern during the stages of preparation. In fact, whether you’re a photographer, videographer, model, creative director or even assistant on a photo […]

What Is Pattern Photography?

Creating dynamic and visually captivating photographs is often done through examining and utilizing your surroundings. While technical aspects such as exposure and depth of field are neccessary to understand, a truly talented photographer masters the principles of composition. Composition in photography simply refers to how you frame your subject, object or scene to be photographed. […]

Camera Settings For Portraits

Once you have mastered the automatic settings of your camera, it’s time to take on manual mode. Manual shooting gives a photographer more control over their surroundings and is a neccessary technique to understand when advancing in your professional career. One type of photography that performs exceptionally when captured in manual mode is portraiture. Because […]

How To Create Shallow Depth Of Field Photos

Creating a focal point within your photographs is one of the most vital aspects of capturing high quality imagery. Drawing your viewer’s eye to one specific area of your image not only grabs their attention, but allows them to become visually aware of the strongest element within your photograph’s composition. In order to truly highlight […]

Best Places To Have A Photoshoot In Chicago

Whether you live here or are visiting, it’s not always easy to find the best spots to capture a decent photo without the crowds of tourists. Here at H, we decided to give you a head start and list some of the best places in Chicago visit for a photo shoot. There’s a wide range […]

What Is Wet Plate Photography?

If you’re a film photographer or enthusiast, you have most likely heard of the wet plate photography process. Wet plate photography or better known as the collodion process was a technique used in the early stages of the photographic medium for developing images. According to various history sources, the wet plate, collodion process was invented […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Exposure Bracketing

As a professional photographer, achieving the correct exposure is vital to creating high quality images. Since we know that exposure is created through the combined use of shutter speed, aperture and ISO – it can often be a challenge to achieve this when shooting in variable lighting conditions. In order to create the correct exposure […]

10 Awesome Photography Blogs You Need To Know

Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate or professional photographer, constantly learning about the industry and developing your creative skills is key. In our current landscape, new and innovative technology is being created every day, the number of artists and creatives are rapidly growing and the methods and techniques of photography are constantly changing. In order to […]


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