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5 Things That Suck About Job Postings for Creatives

The obsession with levels over compensation.  Since no one wants to post what they are willing to pay as a salary for a job (it’s rare), the shorthand for cheap/affordable/expensive becomes junior/mid-level/senior. I think this is a bit self-defeating. I’m not sure how to solve this problem but it seems to me if you need […]

Photographic Locations In New Jersey

It only fits that the state of New Jersey is The Garden State. Filled with more than scenes of New York City and the cast of Jersey Shore, this state offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and views for shooting NJ photography. Many of which are seemingly in outdoor, stunning gardens (how fitting). Additionally, […]

What Is IGTV?

Nowadays, more people are interested in watching amateur content created by ‘average people’ they consider relatable than traditional television filled with scripts and celebrities. This shift is the reason why IGTV has a good chance of spiking in popularity soon.

The 7 Best Instagram Hashtags For Photographers

Instagram hashtags for photographers are more important than you might think. If you want to become a professional photographer, taking stunning snapshots is only half of the battle. The rest of the time, when your camera is down, you need to be able to market yourself well. Since Instagram is a popular place to post […]


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