How To Get More Likes On Instagram

How To Get More Likes On Instagram

At a certain point, even the most casual Instagram user asks: How to get more likes on Instagram? Why? Because the purpose of using social media is to engage with an audience, and likes are one measure of engagement. A like is a sign of a approval, and we all seek approval of the things we put out into the world.

How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Below are some easy ways to get more likes on Instagram.

One of the simplest, stress-free ways to grow your amount of likes per post is to link your Instagram account to your other social media accounts. That way, whenever you upload a photograph to Instagram, it will automatically be uploaded onto Facebook and Twitter. That means more people will see your picture and will (hopefully) decide to follow you.

After you post a photo you are hoping to get likes on, you should go around and like other people’s photos. That way, they will see your name on their notifications, click on your account to see who you are, and potentially like a few of your photographs in return. If you want to get love on Instagram, then you have to give love.

However, the most important step to getting more likes on Instagram is taking high-quality photos. Make sure your pictures come out clearly because everyone will scroll past blurry candids. You will get your best results with a professional camera, a tripod, and a ring light. However, if you are going to stick to using your phone camera, you should make sure you keep the lens wiped clean, take photos in high definition, and use your flash at the right time.

Even if the photographs on your camera roll look mediocre once you are finished with your shoot, you can test out different filters and third party editing apps to enhance the image. You can even use specific apps to get rid of the shadow on your face or the glare from the sun. You can edit a photo you are uncomfortable posting until you are excited to show the world what you have created.

If you want your photos to be seen by as many different people as possible, make sure you post at the right times of day–and on the right days of the week. Engagement is highest on Thursdays and lowest on Sundays so you should avoid uploading on the weekend when everyone is busy with their friends.

Your best bet is to post during the week when users are going to scroll through their social media out of boredom. Although noon is always a good upload time because it is when most people will be on break, 5AM is also one of the best times to post because it is when people are first waking up and checking their phones.

Another way to gain likes is by using hashtags. Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags per post, which is a tool you should take advantage of. Instead of using the most popular tags and having your photo lost amongst millions of other photos with the same tag, you should use more specific tags. The less popular a hashtag is, the longer your photo will appear at the top of a search for that tag, which means more people will see it over time.

If you cannot think of thirty hashtags that accurately describe your selfies, you might want to think about using props in your photographs. If you have a dog or a cat with you, more people will like your photo. If you have a book in your hands or a cute mug or a designer bag, it gives your followers something to comment on other than your appearance. It gives them a taste of your personality.

If you want more likes on Instagram, you have to put more effort into your account. You cannot take any shortcuts because even though social media may seem like a silly way to waste time, growing your account takes dedication, passion, and persistence. It’s not something that is going to happen overnight. It’s something you have to work hard at if you want to see results.

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