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Gary Vaynerchuk x H

Our founder James Cole spoke to Gary Vaynerchuk about H and influencer marketing and content. James explains what H entails, how someone can become a part of it, and that it is a community of influencers who care. H works because everyone involved cares so much about the people and the projects and H works […]

10 Ways You Can Find Freelance Photo Jobs Online

The most challenging aspect of working as a freelance creative is the process of finding and landing new clients. No matter what type of photography you create, finding steady and valuable photo jobs can be an intricate and time consuming process. Yet, with a bit of determination and a relentless passion for creating your best […]

Why You’re Not Getting Repeating Clients

Are you tired of having one off gigs? Ever wonder how your friends have clients that are coming back to them month after month, working on several campaigns? We’ve got the tea. In February alone, H booked over 70 creators from our Job Board with over 30 brands and paid over a collective of $20,000 to […]

Modernizing Your Brand With H Agency

How do we attract the next generation? What can we do to modernize our brand?  Are we going all in? These are some of the questions that brands need to ask themselves when trying to modernize their company. Everyone is trying to find new ways to expand their demographic and their horizons when it comes […]

Read About The Hub’s New Features and Get Ready For Paid Gigs

The Hub platform has been updated and is better than ever! Here’s what we’ve added and changed. H Agency Say hello to H Agency, a place where we have showcased all of the case studies that Hub creators all over the country have worked on for major brands. With a collective of 70 creators and over […]

Tom Borges on Being an Entrepreneur and Photographer

H sat down with Tom Borges, a Wisconsin-based photographer and entrepreneur, and talked about his journey as a photographer and how it conflated with his love for entrepreneurship and vintage clothing. It was 2012 when he first started shooting photos, with a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 that he had found at and purchased from a St. […]

How To Make The Hardest & Most Important Career Decisions Of Your Life

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash We’ve all been faced with a decision that could change the trajectory of your career path. Sometimes these involve quitting well-paying jobs with benefits or moving across the country, all for a seemingly better opportunity. If you’re faced with an important career decision to make, it can seem impossible, but it is […]

Interior Photography Camera Settings

Photographing interior spaces can be a new challenge for any photographer. While many photographers learn to use natural light to illuminate their images, shooting inside requires a completely different set of skills. The markings of quality interior images are clean compositions, a focus on design and creating bright, highlighting features. If you are starting off […]


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