Are Influencers Losing Their Influence?

Are influencers losing their influence? We dig into the influencer marketing world and discuss the current shifts on social media. Are Influencers Losing Their Influencer? We Think So. The definition of “influencer”…

How To Sell Photography Prints

Are you interested in seeing your photography work in stores, coffee shops or even hung on the walls of someone’s home? Then, you should consider selling your own photography prints. Allowing your…

How To Grow As A Music Photographer

How To Grow As A Music Photographer

If you are a: a) photographer b) music lover c) avid concert go-er d) all of the above …then you should get into concert photography (if you haven’t already.) Concert photographers are…

Watch Your Business Grow!

Human connection in real life is a lost art. It’s important to have a presence in real life just as it’s important to have an offline strategy to market your business, too.

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