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What Is It About Shooting On Film That Makes Everything Feel More Real?

The beauty of shooting film photography relies on the artist’s ability to create an image that feels intentional, real and authentic. In a world where we want our content as soon as yesterday, film photography and the analog process forces us to slow down. Film photography is still a medium of choice for creatives who […]

6 Copy Mistakes That Are Making Your Business Branding Ineffective

When it comes to creating copy, the landscape in which we operate continues to evolve every day. Through major advancements in both social media and search engine optimization, brands at every level are gaining the chance to experience success like never before. So whether you’re writing on behalf of a larger business or working to […]

Why You Should Finally Make The Jump From Lightroom To Photoshop

As a digital photographer, editing your images is a vital process in your workflow. With the constant new wave of technological products, today’s photographers have access to a database of high quality tools and software that can be used for post production. With the Adobe Creative programs, Lightroom and Photoshop have become the top two […]

What Is The Rule of Thirds? A Guide To Composition in Photography

Composition is an important principle of photography that allows us to create visually balanced and intriguing images. One of the most well known and practiced rules of composition is the Rule of Thirds. According to its definition, the rule of thirds is the “rule of thumb or guideline which applies to the process of composing […]

This Is The Difference Between Freelancing, Permalancing, And Contracting

The way we work is changing. The digital age has made everything from remote work to the side-gig economy increasingly more popular, so it’s no surprise that more people are becoming self-employed than ever before. But what that actually looks like is different for everyone. Gone are the days in which you either have to own your […]

How To Write Posts That People Will Actually Read & Share

No matter what industry you work in, having a social presence is paramount. In the digital age, the internet is how people shop, connect and consume, so whether you’re beginning a small business, spearheading communications at a corporation, or just trying to make your own voice more distinct, understanding how to write sharable, interesting content […]

This Is Why Networking Is Key If You’re A Creative Professional

Let’s say you come across someone who you admire or who could potentially help your career. You could sell yourself and your services to them, but how can you be sure that you’ll be different from the rest? How do you stand out? Network! First and foremost: be genuine. Be kind, even. Try and show […]

Why Is Photography So Expensive? (The Breakdown Of What We Do)

For a brand, working with a photographer is often viewed as an expensive service. With artist rates that can span anywhere from a few hundred dollars to the tens of thousands, businesses often pose the question- What is it that makes this craft such as financial investment? While your photography rates increase with your experience […]


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