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6 Copy Mistakes That Are Making Your Business Branding Ineffective

When it comes to creating copy, the landscape in which we operate continues to evolve every day. Through major advancements in both social media and search engine optimization, brands at every level are gaining the chance to experience success like never before. So whether you’re writing on behalf of a larger business or working to […]

This Is The Difference Between Freelancing, Permalancing, And Contracting

The way we work is changing. The digital age has made everything from remote work to the side-gig economy increasingly more popular, so it’s no surprise that more people are becoming self-employed than ever before. But what that actually looks like is different for everyone. Gone are the days in which you either have to own your […]

This Is Why Networking Is Key If You’re A Creative Professional

Let’s say you come across someone who you admire or who could potentially help your career. You could sell yourself and your services to them, but how can you be sure that you’ll be different from the rest? How do you stand out? Network! First and foremost: be genuine. Be kind, even. Try and show […]

4 Reasons Why Being Self-Employed Is Actually More Secure Than A Traditional Job

So you have a choice: to go after a traditional job or to just be self-employed. There are plenty of pros and cons to each, but if you think about it, being self-employed is probably a lot more secure than a traditional job. 1. You are your own boss.  That’s obvious, right? You control everything: […]

Why Is Photography So Expensive? (The Breakdown Of What We Do)

For a brand, working with a photographer is often viewed as an expensive service. With artist rates that can span anywhere from a few hundred dollars to the tens of thousands, businesses often pose the question- What is it that makes this craft such as financial investment? While your photography rates increase with your experience […]

3 Microshifts That Will Triple Your Freelance Income In 2019

When it comes to building your business as a consultant, contractor or freelancer, it’s common to think in terms of a traditional 9-5 job: if you want to earn more, you have to land one lucrative gig and hope it sustains itself. However, this way of thinking is inherently limited, and is probably doing you […]

Things On LinkedIn That Drive Me Insane

Back in the early days of its existence, maybe 2006, I used to call LinkedIn ‘BoringFacebook.’  I would click around and honestly wonder why anyone would spend time on the site. It was so dry and uninteresting. Endless links to Forbes and Business Insider articles. I just didn’t get it. I think that was because […]

24 Influencer Marketing Platforms You Need to Know

In a world saturated with social media content, it can be almost impossible for a brand to grow without the use of social media influencers.  Influencers are sometimes referred to content creators, content curators, tastemakers, creators or bloggers. Simply put, an influencer is defined as a person who has a loyal and engaged (and often […]

Freelance Rates In The Gig Economy

You’ve probably heard of the gig economy. Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’re part of the gig economy, a group of people who work as independent contractors and are not beholden to a single employer. Maybe you’re a freelance photographer, model, or a social media strategist, writer, or Uber driver. Or you could […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Social Media Marketing Agency

Hearing the professional term social media marketing agency, can sound both confusing and intimidating. A seemingly corporate atmosphere ready to give your business a face online – how does that work? The reason it works, and very well we may add, is because within each agency lives a team dedicated towards you, your brand, and […]


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