The Top 10 Skills That Will Get You A Photography Job In 2018

Following your dream as a photographer isn’t always easy.

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Today, photography is more than just a hobby. It is a passion, a career, and an outlet for creative genius. Following your dream as a photographer isn’t always easy. There are setbacks, rejections, and let downs in the industry. Yet, it is all worth it when you are living your dream.

In order to make money as a photographer you need to first develop a portfolio, apply for jobs, and reach out to potential employers and clients. As a photographer you also need to be equipped with a set of skills that are necessary in the industry. Read on to find out the paramount skills that will get you hired as a photographer.

1. A Tasteful Composition

As a photographer you should be well versed in the artistic dimensions of photography and image styling. Keywords like color, balance, formatting, lighting, and shape are incredibly important in photography. As a photographer you should have extensive formatting knowledge and be able to show off your unique style.

2. Digital Editing Knowledge

As a successful photographer, you need to have a vast knowledge of digital editing and photo technology. Visual editing is incredibly important and as a photographer you must have knowledge of editing software, film development, image manipulation, ISO speeds, and photo sizing.

3. Photography Hardware Knowledge

Another instrumental skill you must have is the knowledge of cameras, tripods, lenses, lights, and other photography equipment. Not only should you know how to use these devices, but you should also be confident using this hardware as well.

4. Legal Knowledge And Copyright Laws

One of the most important skills in photography is a basic knowledge of the legal issues surrounding photography and copyright laws. You will want to know how to protect your own work, but also be conscious of other legally represented work.  

5. Business Skills and Personal Representation

As a photographer, you may have worked as a freelancer or as a salaried employee. Either way, a basic idea of business, marketing, and accounting will help you land a job as a photographer. Clients and potential employers want to see that you are responsible with your time and are capable of smart business decisions.

6. Thoughtful Organization

Employers and clients alike will be eager to see if you are organized and dedicated to your art. As a photographer, you should be able to explain your style and organize your appointments thoughtfully.

7. Strong Attention To Detail

Editing and retouching your images can be a long and tedious process. Employers will examine if you have the patience and eye to turn a good photo into a work of art. While you may have an eye for photography, being a successful photographer takes a lot more than simply taking a photo.

8. Confidence And Direction

As a photographer, you often need to take the lead during photoshoots. Many models need direction and as a photographer you need to have the confidence to direct them. Employers want to make sure you have a kind, yet assertive personality.

9. Teamwork Skills

Photography comes with a lot of teamwork and networking. As a photographer, you need to work well with others and collaborate as a team. This skill is essential as employers want to hire a cooperative and well-liked photographer.

10. Research and Contract Knowledge

Clients prefer that their employees have an understanding of photography history and knowledge about the current industry. Similarly, many employers will find you to be capable and mature if you have knowledge about photography contracts. Clients will naturally want to hire you if you are an informed and well-rounded photographer.