How Photography Is Redefining The Way We Create Brand Campaigns

High quality photography is key to any brand’s story. But, how exactly did it become such a strong influence in the marketing world? Let’s discuss how photography is changing the way we create brand campaigns.

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How Photography Is Redefining The Way We Create Brand Campaigns // H Agency For Bai

We live in a highly visual society. One, where our screens have become an extension of ourselves and our consumption of content seems to be never ending. In fact, the digital world has taken such huge leaps in the last decade – that many could’ve never imagined such a technological existence.

So, as our physical world becomes increasingly intertwined with digital spaces – how has this changed the way we view and consume information?

In short, the ideas presented to us have shifted toward a visual platform. Take social media for example. Everything that you see is an image – pictures your friends post, snapshots of family vacations, brand’s logos and advertisements – each piece of content is accompanied by a photographic element.

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Therefore, now more than ever – photography is one of the most important elements to capture and connect with the people around you. And, if we take it to a marketing level – it is the most effective way to gain the attention and interest of your targeted audience.

This reliance on visual media is truly a positive change that exposes the world to the work of creatives and artists. Even more so, if you’re a company – utilizing photography is one of the most effective tools in your creative belt. Let’s talk about photography, its impact on the digital marketing world and how it’s changing the way we create brand campaigns.

How Photography Is Redefining The Way We Create Brand Campaigns

It Offers A Larger Reach

Photography is changing the way we create and structure our digital marketing. In an older advertising world, agencies used to create a few singular ads to spread their client’s message. They would have a certain focus – most likely to sell a new product  – and would push this into available media outlets.

Now, things have changed a bit. The days of creating one advertisement are over. Instead, with mediums such as photography or video – you can create as much content as you need to showcase your company and its products/services. This not only boosts the potential for exposure. But, allows you to develop multiple, targeted advertisements based on different types of consumers.

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Today’s marketing and advertising efforts built with visuals allows for a larger reach. And in return, allows you to connect with consumers in multiple ways. Rather than through one print ad or television spot. With photography, the possibilities for engagement are endless. You can share you company’s message through social media, your website, online advertising, direct mail and more. The limit does not exist.

It Establishes A Creative Vision

Photography is altering the way we craft brand campaigns because it allows us to develop a creative vision. Considering that digital photography is the go-to format – it allows a professional to test and create as much as they want.  And, in return – brands can work with a photographer to experiment with new marketing tactics and viewpoints.

The use of photography in a brand campaign goes outside of product shots and traditional compositions. With the use of images, you have the ability to create a truly unique and tailored story for your company. Therefore, it gives you the ability to be as creative, different and out of the box as you want.

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With photography, we now see brand campaigns that add true depth to the marketing world. They can show how real consumers use a product and the lifestyle that drives a brand’s image. Plus, they can create images that reignite our imagination and grab our attention.

Long gone are the days of simple and stale imagery. Instead, photography gives brands the opportunity to showcase their vision and mission through images that entice, captivate and leave you wanting more.

Brand Campaigns Can Be Built in Collaboration

If a brand wants to use photography to its fullest extent, they will benefit from collaboration. In fact, more campaigns are being shot and produced by multiple creatives to showcase different styles and viewpoints. By using multiple photographers, a brand can gain instant access to a bank of creative talent. And, they can have the ability to create images in different parts of the world all at the same time.

As a brand, imagine having a photographer in the streets of New York, the beaches of California and the mountains of Colorado. Did you ever think that was possible? It is when you create your brand campaign through photography. Not only has photography visually altered the way brand campaigns look, but it has made creating content more accessible than ever before.

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Additionally, photographers today have more insight and expertise into marketing and advertising. This is because they know and understand that the images they create have multiple uses. They can tell a story, ignite a feeling, showcase an idea and captivate an audience’s interest.

In short, photography is a tool to be used in collaboration. Whether you hire multiple creatives at once or develop a strong creative team – the images you create will redefine your future brand campaign.

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Examples of Brand Campaigns Built With Photography

We know that brand campaigns with photography offer more reach, allow for a creative vision and thrive with collaboration. But, what are some examples of brand campaigns built with photography?

Take a look at the work of our creative team here at H Agency for brands like Carolee, Kashi and Certain Standard.

Brooks Brothers / Carolee 

Brooks Brothers approached us to rebrand a recent jewelry acquisition called Carolee. Carolee is traditionally marketed towards mid-market, middle-aged women through Macy’s. The Carolee team wanted to modernize and shoot with dynamic, diverse women in NYC. We used 35 of our creators for the campaign – all women – to create 120 images, 3 videos, and 1.4MM impressions on Instagram.

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Carolee Brand Campaign With Photography

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To highlight the rebrand of Kashi’s nutrition and functional benefits, we teamed up with them for a campaign to show how powerful nutrition is and to inspire people to GO and Do What They Love. We hired 30 creators to use 3 Kashi Go Flavors in their shoots and portray how they Go and do what they love. These shoots resulted in 90 photos and over 3.2MM impressions on socials.

brand campaigns
Kashi Brand Campaign With Photography

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Certain Standard

We teamed up with Certain Standard, a company wanting to bring brightness into people’s lives with umbrellas. With better quality materials and craftsmanship, the Certain Standard team created the stylish umbrellas that do more than just keep you dry during a rainstorm. Incorporating fashion and function, Over the course of 3 months, H hired a number of photographers for 9 shoots, resulting in almost 100 images showing the umbrellas as fashion and function.

brand campaigns
Certain Standard Brand Campaign With Photography

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