How To Take Your Jewelry Photography To The Next Level

jewelry photography
The H Hub for Carolee

Creating high quality product photography requires you to pay attention the smallest of details. And, when you’re focusing on something as delicate as jewelry, your process needs to be even more refined. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can elevate your jewelry photography skills.

To highlight how you can take your jewelry photography to the next level, we have compiled a list of tips to get you started. Let’s take a look at them below:

Tips For Better Jewelry Photography

Shoot With a Product Focus

Jewelry photography falls under the realm of product imagery. Therefore, when you’re photographing these beautiful pieces, you need to shoot with a product focus.

So, how am I supposed to shoot?

A product focus means that you need to look at your jewelry pieces as the subject of your image. Treat the product as you would a human model. Pay attention to when it needs a touch up, find the best framing and decide what you can do to create the most flattering composition for your images.

Shooting products requires that you consider factors such as:

  • The color of your products
  • Whether or not your lighting will cast a glare
  • The angle at which your products should be positioned
  • Determine if you should shoot at an overhead perspective or at eye level

Let’s take a look at some examples of shooting with a product focus from H’s case work for Alexis Bittar and Brooks Brothers’, Carolee.

jewelry photography
Alexis Bittar
jewelry photography
jewelry photography
The H Hub for Alexis Bittar

Add an Element of People

The next tip to better your jewelry photography is to add an element of people.

While capturing product images is great, you can grab the attention of an even bigger audience when you add a human touch to your images. Why, you ask? Because people like to see products they plan to buy in action.

How else can a customer make a decision to purchase a piece, if they don’t see how it fits, hangs or looks on someone else?

Take this into consideration when you are planning your next jewelry shoot. Instead of relying solely on the use of a light box to create your product images, switch it up and style the pieces on real-life models.

Not only will your images look great, but you’ll infuse a lifestyle, fashion element that takes your jewelry photography to the next level.

Take a look at how you can add an element of people to your jewelry images.

jewelry photography
The H Hub for Carolee
H Hub for Alexis Bittar

Pay Attention to the Details

The third tip for better jewelry photography is to pay attention to the details.

Whether you have a large standout piece or one with tiny stones, your images should capture and showcase each and every detail. For jewelry, the details are the one design element that truly matters.

In your images, we should be able to see the glistening of stones, the intricate beading of a chain or the way a ring changes colors when it hits the light.

In fact, with jewelry photography you are selling the idea of luxury and beauty. So, what better way to show the worth of a piece than to show off its best assets? Focus on creating images that make your audience covet and yearn to own such a piece of jewelry.

If you can keep this in mind, then your jewelry images are bound to stand out.

Alter Your Background & Add Lighting Effects

The final tip for better jewelry photography is to think outside the box. We all know that shooting products on a white backdrop is guaranteed to look great. Yet, for some products – it can look outright boring.

So, instead of something cookie cutter and safe – try to switch things up a bit. Change your background color and add some lighting effects for extra mood.

The last thing you want is for your images to look like a carbon copy of every other jewelry image.

Take a step out of the typical product composition and create your own style of jewelry photography that is guaranteed to be unique.

jewelry photography
Alexis Bittar

If You’re a Brand, Hire the Right Photographer

Finally, if you’re a jewelry brand – take your images to the next level with the right photographer. 

Find a creative who understands the mood, direction and vision you would like to create with your products. Give them some guidelines, but don’t be afraid to let them have the freedom to flex their own style. Sit back, relax and get ready for high quality images that you can’t wait to share with your customers.

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