Case Studies

All of our Creators have been hand-selected based on the quality of their work. We've shot for hundreds of brands across the country - check out some of the incredible content that's been delivered...


Sanzo is one of the hottest beverage brands in the country. Sandro (the founder) has become a close friend and it’s been exciting to watch them grow (from him making batches in his kitchen) to getting into Whole Foods during COVID. We look forward to continuing to grow alongside Sanzo.


The Hub was founded in Northern California and many a brainstorm happened on long drives up and down the coast where Clover dairy farms are located. This project – three shoots – is near and dear to our heart. We will continue working with Clover on a new exciting innovation they are launching in late 2020.

Bear Naked

Bear Naked is a larger holding of Kashi. As we have grown into our relationship with Kashi over 2 years we have become the sole content provider for Bear Naked, too. They are a wonderful client, often challenging us to dig deep into our community of creators for someone with an unusual skillset (like making mountains out of granola for a shoot).


We took on several assignments for Goldfish as a proof of concept. Our founder, James, used to work at a large agency called Y&R who has acted as Goldfish’s agency for over 90 years (yes, seriously). They were in serious need of a refresh and we wanted to show Goldfish and the Pepperidge Farm (and Campbell’s) team more broadly that we represent the future while large agencies represent the overpriced, bloated past.


When it comes to beverages, Recess is about as trendy as it gets. We are partial to Iris Nova and their family of beverage brands but enjoyed taking on the challenge of bringing a fresh look (both product shots and lifestyle shots) to a brand that everyone seems to be talking about.

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon is everything we would want to see in a brand. A beautiful and eye-catching aesthetic. A bubbly and youthful atmosphere. A style that seems like a match made in heaven with our very own. But best of all… their cereal just tastes amazing.

Kin Euphorics

Many members of The Hub team are “sober curious” meaning we drink on occasion but mostly refrain. Kin is a cool product – hip, aspirational and unique. More they have a very opinionated, established brand for a relatively small company. We enjoyed the challenge of putting our Hub spin on a very solid foundation and creating images, GIFs and short videos that push them forward as a brand.