How To Combine Fashion Marketing And Photography

H Collective

You see what’s on Instagram, right? All the influencers who post photos wearing or using different brands’ products and tagging #ad or #sponsored? That’s fashion marketing.

What is that? Why does it matter? 

Well, visual content matters. Fashion marketing (aka visual content) can tell a story, promote a brand, and sell products all in just a photo (or a series of photos). You don’t want to talk at them — it comes across as too sales-y. The content on social media is highly-saturated and if you’re a company trying to grab the attention of potential consumers, you have to have content that grabs their attention.

Fashion marketing 101: hire a photographer.


They produce content and execute it with authentic visions.

Let’s say you’re a jewelry brand looking to sell pieces from your new collection. How do you take photos and market the pieces? First and foremost: be authentic. Photographers know how to execute a specific vision in a way that feels more personal and authentic.

When it comes to executing a vision and pushing it out into the world, photographers know what works and what doesn’t. The photographers you can hire know the trends, what’s important in the culture today, and the influence on people. You want your hired photographer to craft the story of your brand launch, or new product campaign, or promotional sale that’s worth telling in a way that people care about.

Fashion marketing and digital campaigns go hand-in-hand and photographers understand that importance.

How do you grab their attention? Get them invested.

How do you do that? Digital campaigns.

So, for example, Carolee is a jewelry brand under Brooks Brothers who has worked with H Collective for quite some time. During Women’s History Month, they wanted to do a digital campaign that focused on female empowerment.

“The Carolee team wanted to modernize and shoot with dynamic, diverse women in NYC. We used 35 of our creators for the campaign – all women – to create 120 images, 3 videos, and 1.4MM impressions on Instagram.”

Photographers build digital campaigns that will grab the attention of consumers and get them invested in who and what the brand is. For the Carolee campaign, the photographers captured what the brand is and what they’re offering (Carolee jewelry), enticing consumers with a message (women and why they’re empowering and strong), and creating a call-to-action (appreciate [by tagging them on Instagram] the strong women in your life and you can win jewelry [randomly selected].)

If you’re a fashion brand looking to promote something or sell products, you need a photographer to help you. How? Use H. By using The Hub, you’ll be able to find the best quality talent, filtered by style and location, to capture your brand’s vision in a unique way.