Brooks Brothers

Empower Women

What Went Down

Brooks Brothers approached us to rebrand a recent jewelry acquisition called Carolee. Carolee is traditionally marketed towards mid-market, middle-aged women through Macy’s. The Carolee team wanted to modernize and shoot with dynamic, diverse women in NYC. We used 35 of our creators for the campaign – all women – to create 120 images, 3 videos, and 1.4MM impressions on Instagram.



NYC Based Female Creators


Images taken across 20 shoots


Impressions across 28 Instagram posts

As a house of brands, we have the challenge to create content at the scale and pace that our customers demand. In less than three weeks The Hub conducted over 20 shoots, and generated exceptionally high quality work that we will use cross channel. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Matteo Del Vecchio, Chief Admin Officer at Brooks Brothers

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