Why Developing One Creative Project Is Never Enough

Why Developing One Creative Project Is Never Enough
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Creativity is a constant flow of ideas and projects. Most artists work on multiple things at a time because they are swarmed with a million ideas at once and are pulled in different directions by their muse. Although you might be tempted to follow a single path in order to become the best artist possible in a particular category, being a multifaceted artist can actually benefit your individual pursuits.

When you combine two forms of creating, you’re able to alleviate pressure from one aspect of your life. It offers you space to think and create without stress. When you hit a creative block and are too frustrated to move forward with your original project, you can get your mind off it by focusing on another project. Sometimes, a short break is exactly what you need in order to refuel and rethink the way you are going about a piece of work.

Developing one creative project is never enough because art tends to overlap. Different forms balance each other out. A photographer could use their pictures to tell a story through visuals. They could also look through the photographs they’ve taken and write a story based off them. One idea can spark another. One form of creative expression can create a direct link to another.

Even if you’re only going to pursue one form of art professionally, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from engaging in other forms in your free time. Since it’s only a hobby, there will be less stress. You will give yourself the chance to create without a deadline, without an end goal, without the pressure to impress a client or an audience.

When you pursue a second creative project, you give yourself the chance to express yourself creatively for no other reason except to have fun. It’s not the main project you’re relying on a paycheck from, so your goal doesn’t have to be making a profit. Your goal can be deepening your creative expression. It can be exploring other sides of yourself. It can be to remind yourself you got into a creative industry because you love it, because it’s supposed to be fun.

The next time you hit a roadblock when it comes to your creative pursuits, pushing through the discomfort might not be your best answer. You should take a second to step back and ask yourself whether there are any other artistic outlets you are interested in pursuing. Give them a try, even if it’s only for an hour or two at a time. They might stop you from burning out. Even better, they might inspire you to enhance your original project, the one you care about more than anything else.

Developing one creative project is never enough because artists need to get their creative juices flowing – but they won’t always be in the mood to work on their main project. They need variety. They need a chance to think about something other than their life’s work to stop them from becoming obsessed.

Even if you love what you do for a living, you will burn out if you dedicate every second of your time to a single form of art. Since most artists have a hard time not working, the best alternative to giving yourself a real break is to work on another form of art as your break. You will still be productive. You will still be creating something. But you will not be as stressed as when you’re working on your main assignment.

Artists should never feel pressured to stick to one art form. You’re allowed to experiment in different areas. You’re allowed to see how far your creativity will take you.