Getting Started: Event Video Production

If your company is throwing a big event, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll promote it. Specifically, it’s time to start thinking about the role video will play in the overall promotion and ROI of your event. 

When done correctly, event video can transform an otherwise “meh” launch into a wildly successful venture.

Here’s what you need to know about event video production and how to make it work for your brand. 

What is Event Video Production?

Event video production is the process of documenting your event on video, either by DIYing it or hiring a professional to handle the shoot. While event video serves many purposes, it’s especially effective at driving engagement, enhancing the value of your marketing, and humanizing your brand in the eyes of your consumers. 

Not sure if you should invest in video production for your event? The fact is that seasoned event video professionals can develop a variety of video content, including: 

  • Tribute videos
  • On-site recaps
  • Award videos
  • Event promos
  • Speaker introductions
  • And more

As you search for event video production professionals, keep in mind that the best fits will be dedicated to working around your preferences and budget. They’ll be curious about what you want to create, how you want your video to feel, and what the content should reflect about your brand. They’ll also work with you continuously to be sure that your event video meets your goals and helps you level your marketing up.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Videographer for Your Event Video Production Needs

Think you can shoot your own event videos? Think again. 

If you’re looking to promote your event as efficiently as possible, hiring a videographer is a smart investment. While it’s always fun to take your own video content, the finished product you’ll get from hiring a videographer is of a much higher caliber and will represent your business more effectively. 

With that in mind, here are five more reasons your event needs a videographer:

1. A Professional Corporate Event Video Makes Your Brand Look More Professional

Video content is marketing, and marketing material is the first touch many people have with your company. With this in mind, you want the event video you produce to look as professional and beautiful as possible. After all, people interacting with your corporate event videos are learning about who your company is and what you do, while also making some determinations about your overall brand quality and commitment to a great finished product.

While there’s a time and a place for DIY content, an event video that looks like you shot it on your iPhone won’t benefit anyone – your brand or your customers. As such, professionally-produced videos are the way to go. Shoot for the moon with your production value and watch your customers respond accordingly.  

2. Professional Videographers Won’t Interrupt Your Event

Professional videographers are great at one big, important thing: being discrete. They know how to interact with your event without interrupting the flow of your event. They’ll shoot from the fringes, simultaneously capturing the most critical moments, while also flying under the radar and going unnoticed by virtually everyone. This is an essential yet often overlooked skill. 

If you don’t hire a professional videographer, it’s easy to disturb your event by making the filming of it too obvious. Not only does this make invitees uncomfortable, but it disrupts the actual events your event videos seek to capture. While hiring a professional videographer involves more overhead, it’ll absolutely enhance the quality and experience of your event. 

3. Professional Videographers Can Edit Your Video

Even if you know how to shoot videos on your iPhone, chances are you’d get pretty stuck when you tried to edit them. And you probably don’t want to spend days and weeks learning how to use a software like Final Cut. When you hire an event videographer, you save yourself time and effort in a big way. 

These seasoned professionals have already learned how to shoot and edit videos, and they’re efficient throughout the process. They know how to cut scenes of the event together, mix shots and sounds, and overlay music, graphics, and other effects to produce a stunning finished product. 

No matter how self-taught you pride yourself on being, there’s simply no substitute for years of experience. Hiring a professional event videographer allows you to capitalize on that experience and reap the benefits of it for your video. 

4. A Professional Video Tells Your Brand Story

Companies that utilize a lot of video content know that it does more than capture an event in video format. Good video marketing tells a story, and good videographers know how to enhance that story as much as possible. As soon as they arrive at your event, these videographers will get to work identifying the storyline and using their videography and editorial skills to tell it. 

When an event video is done well, it serves as a digital storybook that can benefit your brand for years to come. Use it in your marketing, share it on your social platforms, and stir up emotions in your customers, employees, and followers. There’s no way to oversell it: great videos make an impact. 

5. Professional Videos Will Get Done on Time 

Let’s face it: most of us are too busy to do more than our assigned jobs. If you have to suddenly become a videographer on top of everything else you already do, the product and the timeline will suffer. Luckily, professional videographers know how to work on a schedule and get projects done quickly. 

When you hire a professional videographer and set a deadline, you have the comfort of knowing the video will be done by that deadline – edits and all. This keeps your marketing program running on-time and prevents costly and frustrating delays. 

How to Find a Professional Videographer

So you’ve decided to hire a professional videographer – now where do you find one? One excellent option is to ask for personal recommendations from your friends and family members. You can also go to your business associates and industry colleagues. They may have videographers they’ve used and loved and would be happy to recommend to you. Before you hire anyone, be sure to read customer reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. These are a great indicator of the videographer’s overall quality. 

As you browse videographers, keep style in mind. You want to hire someone who is already shooting videos that reflect your preferred style. This will make working together easier, and help ensure you get the finished product you’re looking for. It’s also an excellent way to hire a professional you’ll want to work with for years to come. 

Professional Videographers for Hire on The H Hub

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