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5 Places To Shoot In New Orleans

The Big Easy is one of the most coveted photo destinations in North America. While it isn’t on a lot of bucket lists right now, the recent resurgence of interest in multicultural landmarks in the U.S.A. has brought New Orleans to the forefront. The French influence on the state has lead to a stunning city […]

4 Reasons To Shoot In Chicago

Rain or shine, sun or snow there are so many things to do in Chicago. Even when the city is cold, many unique and adventurous places are open in Chicago. Its unique and vast neighborhoods along with hole-in-the-wall spots make Chicago one of the best places to shoot. Here are some reasons to shoot in […]

10 Resolutions For Mental Health And Creativity

Tortured artists are not the best artists. Despite what you have been led to believe, your suffering is not what triggers your creativity. You are not going to run out of ideas once you reach a peaceful state of mind. The truth is, poor mental health can negatively impact your creativity. Cultivating a healthy mindset […]

Models Share Their Tips To Healthier Self-Love

“Be good to yourself, and kind…It’s a learning process, and it’s hard, but you’ve got to keep up with it.” – Camille Rong With the New Years resolution epidemic upon us, we watch the broken promises come and go. “I’m going to get fit this year.” “I’m finally going to conquer my fear of heights.” […]

Why Analog Is Not Dead — Our Favorite Photography Magazines

In a digital photography world, the analog process of shooting film is often seen as a relic of the past. Yet, although we may be experiencing a collective shift toward a more technologically infused creative industry, many artists still maintain an unrelenting passion and dedication to the film techniques that essentially built the medium of […]

The Loneliest People Are The Most Creative

The loneliest people consider themselves outsiders. They are not concerned with fitting into groups. They do not base their opinions on what is trending. They have their own minds. They have their own opinions. They are unafraid of judgement, which is why they are able to think outside of the box. They are able to […]

The Most Difficult Things About Having A Deeply Creative Mind

When you have a creative mind, your wheels are always turning. You never get a rest from the commotion inside of your mind. Unlike most people, who work a nine to five job, you are unable to stop thinking about work once your head hits the pillow at night. You are inspired to create at […]

Texas Photography: 25 Scenic Photo Ops In The Lone Star State

Texas ranks behind Alaska as the second largest United State. It is absolutely gigantic, roughly the size of France plus Switzerland, or twice the size of Germany. Visitors are amazed at the diversity of landscape — grasslands, deserts, prairies, coastal swamps, forests, and mountains — in addition to architectural elements, both old and new. Therefore, […]


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