Winter Engagement Photos Are More Than Snow

Have you ever noticed that some winter engagement photos can seem boring and predictable? It’s almost like there’s a giant X out in nature waiting for the photographer: Please stand on the X while we snap a quick shot

That’s not the kind of engagement session you want for your photos!

We find winter to be one of the most romantic times of the year. Maybe it’s the magic of sparkly snowflakes. Or the crispness in the air that automatically brings the two of you together. 

And as the sun goes down, you can create a magical glow in many ways – a fire in the fireplace or twinkle lights hanging from above. It really is a winter wonderland. You can use that as your backdrop to create romantic winter engagement photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

Winter Engagement Photos

Use a blanket as your prop

To create the perfect look for your winter engagement pictures, plan to bring along a few accessories. Scarves, mittens, an old fashioned sled, even all the makings for a snowman can lead to heartwarming photographs. But we think one of the best tools for your engagement session is a simple, everyday blanket. You can lay it down and lie on it.

You can wrap it around the two of you for connection. And depending on the color you select, it can add a pop of color. Just make sure it coordinates well with your clothing – you don’t want the photograph to scream “blanket” instead of bringing the focus back to the two of you. 

Winter engagement photos

Create a dramatic backdrop

Head out into nature, and you can find spectacular scenery that’s the perfect addition to your portrait session. Cold winter days can produce dramatic scenes in a variety of ways. The stark whiteness of snow on the ground can be the perfect way to put all the attention on the two of you. And if you don’t see what you like immediately, wait for a minute. Fog, clouds, and snow showers can quickly change the perspective. 

Winter engagement photos


Bundling up for a cold winter day automatically brings the two of you closer together. You can use a scarf to create a bond, or just use a good old fashioned hug. Mittens too, please. 

Winter engagement photos

Play in the snow

If you are lucky enough to hit a day where snow is falling from the sky, be prepared for creating magic with your winter engagement photo session. Let the snow cover your hair. Throw on matching hats and let the snowflakes come to life. This is the time for you to share what makes you two a couple, and brings you together … for life.  

Winter engagement photos