How To Take Funny Engagement Photos

Not all couples are the same. That’s why not all engagement photo sessions should be the same. While one couple may prefer pure romance, another just wants to have fun. Why not combine funny engagement photos with a little bit of affection too?

funny engagement photos

Some couples are full contact; PDA is their middle name. They’re in love, and they don’t care who knows it. Touchy-feely is okay; in fact, they expect it in their engagement photos. 

To another couple, PDA would be nothing short of terrifying. Can you imagine how those engagement photos would look? It would clearly be visible to everyone, friends, and family included.

That’s why it’s important to get your expectations on the table before you ever hire a photographer. A good photographer knows it’s not as easy as showing up and start shooting. You have to get to know one another. They have to understand personalities before you create magic together. 

No matter what style you’re after, there are many ways to show off your romantic, funny side without looking stiff and uncomfortable. The best playful, funny engagement photos are created when you loosen up and have fun with the process. 

Funny Engagement Photos

The pre-consultation session

The reason professional photographers have pre-consultation sessions before the shoot is to discover your personalities. They find out who you are, what you like, and how to put all of that together into a portrait you’ll love. 

The best way to have a playful, funny engagement photo session is to work with your photographer at the pre-consultation meeting and share your wishes and desires. Start a Pinterest board with samples. You’ll start to notice patterns the more pins you create. It’ll also be easy for your photographer to pick up on your mood and direction. Are you looking for sophistication and elegance, or do you just want to have fun? 

It’s an experience

Photographers know you’re not models. They understand you might not be comfortable in front of the camera. It’s their job to put you at ease. They know the more they talk to you, put you at ease, the more playful, funny engagement photos will emerge. And the more you’ll love the process and the outcome. 

Remember, this is all about the two of you. It’s okay to talk to one another during the shoot. And, It’s okay to kiss. It’s okay to whisper in each other’s ears. Your photographer puts you in certain poses, hoping you’ll be yourselves and enjoy the closeness. This is where the true magic occurs.