This Is How You Really Capture Creative Engagement Photos

Creative engagement photos are an important part of planning for the big day. They’re more intimate than wedding pictures – it’s just the two of you. 

However, capturing creative engagement photos when someone is in front of you with a camera, recording your every move, can be stressful. How can you capture creative engagement photos you’ll love for years to come? How do you look relaxed in the image when all you’re feeling is nervous in each other’s arms? 

Fortunately, if you choose a professional with experience in engagement sessions, you’ll find yourself at ease almost from the moment you meet. Here are a couple of things you can do to prepare for your session to make your engagement photos even better.

Creative Engagement Photos

It’s all about movement

You’re looking for “posed” pictures. Your photographer is using a still camera. How can there be movement? To create romantic images, it’s important to be fluid, not stiff. That comes from moving naturally and acting like yourself. When you lose yourself in each other, the closeness shows in the final images. Your photographer will instruct you as you move through the shoot, but the more you can “forget” the camera is there, the better your photos will turn out. 

Secret moments

Think engagement photos are all about the kiss? Think again. Engagement sessions are designed to bring out the romance in your relationship. And that can stretch far beyond the kiss. Secret messages whispered in your ear are a surefire way to bring out gorgeous smiles. Your photographer knows this; that’s why they tell you to “whisper” at every opportunity. Plan now for what you’ll say.

Creative engagement photos

You – Me – Us

Creative engagement photos are about two people becoming one. But that doesn’t mean your photographs have to make you both the center of attention. Maybe capture a twinkle in your eye. Or a look from him that says “only you.” Every angle can convey hidden meaning, and that’s what you should desire. This isn’t about snapping pictures. It’s about your photographer being a journalist, looking to capture the story of you. What do you have to say?

Creative engagement photos

The biggest piece of advice we can give when capturing creative engagement photos is to relax, have fun, and simply enjoy the experience. Your final image will be priceless when you enjoy the process.