Adding A Little Country To Your Engagement Photos

Are you planning a rustic country wedding? Why not start the process by having a country engagement photo session first. This is a way to show your country style before the day of the big event. And if you use the same photographer for both, it’ll give you a chance to learn how to work together. 

To create romantic images, all you need to do is bring out your country. We also have a few tips to help point you in the right direction. 

Country Engagement Photos

Wear something comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes we see with portrait sessions is clothing choices. If you wear something too clingy, tight, or revealing, you’ll spend the entire session adjusting your clothing and being self-conscious of how you move. This isn’t a time to go out and buy the latest trends. Instead, stick with old favorites. Maybe that’s why country charm is wildly popular with engagement sessions. If you live in a cowboy hat, love your boots, and prefer to cuddle up at home on the couch, why would you want anything but?

Show emotion

When you work with a photographer you’re not comfortable with, it shows in the final picture. But when you spend time getting to know one another, you learn how to work together. They’ll know how to put you at ease. That’s when your personality shines through. Even in this Instagram-crazy world, most of us are uncomfortable being in front of the lens for more than a second or two. When you trust your photographer, the resulting image can be spectacular. 

country engagement photos

Turn your engagement session into a date

As you start your wedding plans, busy will take on an entirely new meaning. There are always things to do. Why not turn your engagement session into a day-long date. This gives you a chance to be together, interact with the photographer, and not be rushed through the process. With nowhere else to be, you can have a little fun, pose for the romantic shots, and still have time to add in a bit of spontaneity when the time arises. 

country engagement photos

Set the scene

What makes a great country engagement photo isn’t always what you’d expect. Set the stage first, and then move into the image. Maybe a barn is meaningful to you; by all means, incorporate it into your final images. But even waves of grain can create beautiful lines in your portrait, will all of them leading back to you, the center of attention. 

country engagement photos