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10 Food Photographers Who Make Will Make You Hungry

Do you see those Tasty videos on Facebook and instantly, your mouth starts watering? Do you love a good photo a delicious meal? If you do, then this article is for your foodie palette. Food photography opens the door to so many possibilities, such as food blogging, Instagramming, writing e-books, product photography and more. It’s […]

How To Capture Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A brand new bundle of joy has made his or her way into your life…and in a big way! You’ve had a baby, and you’re looking to capture on camera their cute baby cheeks and sleeping, smiling faces. Or maybe you’re a photographer looking to update your content portfolio and branch into newborn photography. Either […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Social Media Marketing Agency

Hearing the professional term social media marketing agency, can sound both confusing and intimidating. A seemingly corporate atmosphere ready to give your business a face online – how does that work? The reason it works, and very well we may add, is because within each agency lives a team dedicated towards you, your brand, and […]

Parsons Photography Program — Is It Right For You?

Located in one of the world’s leading cities in art and creativity, Parsons School of Design in New York City brings a whole different love and appreciation to photography. With the specialized photography degree (BFA), students are introduced to expansive curriculum, creative projects, and eye-opening internships; all funneled through the Parsons photography program. With all […]

We’ll Pay You $1,000 To Shoot With Someone On The Hub

Have you heard? We’re ending the year with a bang and giving away $1,000 each two creators on The Hub app that collab for this year’s last weekly #MetOnTheHub. How: Find another creator on The Hub that you’ve never worked with — could be a photographer, videographer, makeup artist, stylist, model — any one on […]

A Guide To Blue Hour Photography

As photographers, we are all familiar with the soft, beautiful hues that encapsulate our images during the golden hour. Although this period makes for stunning photographs, we often forget that alternative hours of the day can create just as, if not more inciting images. If you’ve ever woken up before the sun or stood and […]

H Collective Shoots For Playa Viva’s Regenerative Resort In Mexico

We brought 10 creators from The Hub to Playa Viva’s resort in Mexico to shoot, connect, create and grow. Playa Viva is a Regenerative Resort in Juluchuca, Mexico, featuring a Yoga Retreat Resort, Eco Luxury Boutique Hotel and Treehouse Resort. The 10 creators’ work that we brought to Playa Viva are featured below: Andrew Kearns, […]

How To Make It Through A Creative Block, Because Seasonal Depression Is Real

Seasonal depression is real. It can occur in the summer, but for most people, the symptoms begin in the fall and persist throughout the winter months. These symptoms include low-energy, difficulty sleeping, changes in weight, loss of concentration, and feelings of hopelessness. When you suffer from seasonal depression, you might end up isolating yourself from […]


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