Creating The Perfect Outdoor Engagement Photos

After the proposal, you’re ready to share your love with the world. Why not do that with perfect outdoor engagement photos? 

Finding a photographer who understands how to photograph outside in nature, combined with being a great portrait photographer, too, will ensure your final results are picture-perfect. Where do you start?

Outdoor Engagement Photos

Start by picking a pro

Your engagement photos will be an important part of your history. Don’t trust them to a friend with a phone, or even attempt to do the work yourself. Instead, select a professional you’re comfortable with. Do a quick search online for your local community, or ask around. You don’t have to book your engagement and wedding photographer at the same time, so look solely for someone who can give you the results you’re looking for. 

Pick your favorites

From the moment you decide you want to book an engagement session, chances are you’ll be online looking to get ideas. Use Pinterest to build a board you can share when you’re hunting for the perfect photographer. Use this to gauge the work they show you. Can they give you the results you’re looking for? 

Be ready to change things up

An outdoor engagement photo session gives you the chance to create gorgeous photographs. Yet realize that heading outside for pictures means you have to be prepared for anything. Just because you’re hoping for a sunny day doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Your photographer might have a couple of props stowed away that can be perfect in any weather. Even rain can be a lot of fun when you incorporate the right gear into your images. Be flexible. 

Play with your favorite toys

What makes the two of you unique as a couple? Did you meet on the slopes? Do you spend every weekend biking across the country? How about using your favorite toys in your portrait? Share your ideas with your photographer; they’ll have a chance to use your ideas and select a location that creates nothing but pure magic. And you’ll have pictures you’ll be proud to share and hang on your walls for years to come.

Outdoor engagement photos

Look at every angle

Sometimes the simplest shots say it all. Photos don’t have to be straight on, smiling into the camera. This is about remembering who you are at this point in time. What shoes you were wearing. Your fashion sense. Holding hands. 

Outdoor engagement photos

Look for dramatic views

The more you’re willing to play and work for the final image, the more exciting and breathtaking it can be. If you have an “out of the box” photographer, they can give you an outdoor engagement photo experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. 

Outdoor engagement photos