3 Lifestyles Brands That Are Doing It Right

3 Lifestyles Brands That Are Doing It Right
3 Lifestyles Brands That Are Doing It Right | Cody Litdke

We get it, trying to grab the attention of potential consumers can be tricky. So, how exactly can you do this? You have to be aware of your audience and who you’re marketing to. There are many brands that are succeeding and standing out from the rest of the competition. Because they’ve been familiarizing themselves with social media and the trends that will make people interested in who they are and what they have to offer.

Don’t follow the trends just because, ya know, it’s trendy. Trends are what they are because they’re popular and something people care about. You have to make sure you’re being authentic in your intentions for your brand. And, you need to understand the importance of relevancy and what matters to the community you’re marketing to. You have to determine the best ways in which you can get the word out about who you are.

Here’s an inside scoop on 3 lifestyle brands that know what they’re doing, and doing it pretty well.

3 Lifestyle Brands That Are Doing It Right


Millennials are a new generation of consumers. You want them on your side, and in order for that to happen, you need to know what they like and what they don’t like. You need to know what makes them tick.

If there’s anything that they really appreciate, it’s relevancy. They really only care about things that they find #relatable or whatever they can be a part of.

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Madewell is a fashion brand that knows how important it is to be relevant. They use Instagram to their advantage, as a relevant social media app and a platform to market their brand’s products. According to the trends of the time, mules are in and denim is the go-to pant (for a while, it was leggings. Seriously.) and Madewell uses that to succeed in their marketing strategies. They’re modern and trendy and because of that, relatable to the millennials.

Madewell knows what people care about, especially when it comes to fashion. So what do people care about? Sustainability. (I mean, at least a good portion of people care about this.) The people behind the scenes at Madewell are really great at taking initiative not only with sustainable materials and packaging, but with a denim recycling service and a partnership with Fair Trade, a planet-friendly and equal opportunity and rights workplace.


Carolee Jewelry

Imagine a company that celebrates diversity, is dedicated to women and is in support of women, gives back to the community, and embraces the future of culture and fashion.

Yeah – that’s Carolee Jewelry. As a division of Brooks Brothers, Carolee Jewelry focuses on pearls, mostly, and how it can be represented in this world today. If you want to have an effective brand, you have to make sure you’re up with what matters and what people care about.

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How do they get the word out about who they are and what they have to offer? Inclusivity. Non-discrimination. Acceptance. That’s. what. people. care. about. 

Because of Carolee’s inclusivity and the opportunity for people to have a platform, H Collective is proud to be working with them. During Women’s History Month and on International Women’s Day, we were a part of Carolee’s brand and campaign for female inclusivity and pride.

We’ve also been a part of their Pride campaign, where we hired a handful of LGBTQ+ models to wear Carolee’s jewelry. No matter who you are, no matter what you look like, and no matter what you identify as — Carolee wants everyone to feel welcome and included to their brand.

Carolee cares about things that matter, and because of that, people are more inclined to care about who they are and what they have to offer.


As we have mentioned before, millennials really care about things that they can be a part of. They like participation.

In the marketing world, participation for brands also means user generated content for the consumers. Basically, companies will have “influencers” be a part of their brand and promote their products in exchange for either free or discounted products, #clout, and sometimes even a profit ($$). This is UGC.

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One of the most popular brands to ever exist in this decade (especially with Instagram as the biggest platform for marketing) is Glossier. Glossier wants consumers to enhance and embrace their natural beauty, with their cruelty free, eco-friendly skincare and makeup products.

“Why are they so great? Why are they standing out in the competition? How and why are people caring so much about them?” 

So many people are obsessed with Glossier and their products. Maybe it’s because they have an aesthetic that a lot of people obsess over, or maybe it’s because they have eco-friendly products, or maybe it’s because Glossier allows them to be a part of who they are. Orrrr maybe it’s all three and that’s why Glossier is poppin.

This company knows how important the consumers are and they use it to their advantage to make everyone feel included. UGC! They have so many Instagram influencers as “Glossier reps,” who promote the products, offer discounts to people, and in return, receive a profit.

It works because people are getting involved! Because Glossier is such a trendy, popular, incredible makeup and skincare brand, people care and want to be a part of it because it’s just…cool. That’s why Glossier is killin’ it– they know UGC works.

User-generated content, baby. It works.

When you are a company that celebrates diversity, promotes topics and interests that matter to a community, and embraces the future of fashion and the future of the culture — you can succeed. Just make sure you’re authentic, and then you’ll be doing things right.