Structuring Your Brand With H Agency

In the third episode of ‘James and Pojo Slouch In Chairs And Talk About Things,’ we, the viewers, get a little inside scoop on How To Build A Brand.

H Agency has brands that come in and wonder how to liberate themselves with their messages and their content. Okay, first things first: Brand Strategy 101. You have to figure out what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to, and where you’re saying it. Then you can make content.

You have to follow through with what you want your brand to represent. And most importantly, you have to hold yourself accountable! What you’re saying can’t be something that is ~trendy~ in the world today.

For example, let’s say there’s a company with products for women and their menstrual cycles, but the company is ran by non-ovulating dudes. That is an ethical dilemma. If the branding is about liberation and equality, but there’s no genuine equality going on behind the scenes of the brand? Yikes.

H’s goal is to advise brands that it does not pay off to follow the trends of a certain culture just because that demographic wants it. You can’t tap into a sustainable market just because you want to monetize. You’re just contradicting yourself and your brand. Brands are based off of a few pillars, but those pillars will crash if the foundation isn’t strong.

“Cut the shit,” James says. “Build it from the ground up with honesty and integrity and authenticity.”

Keep up with James and Pojo and their conversations about how to market your brand and how to modernize your brand. They got the tea and they’re ready to spill it.