Social Media Trends to Try in 2018

Social Media Trends 2018
Social Media Trends 2018 | Photo by Justin Gilbert

Between algorithm changes, updates and saturated content, it can be harder than ever before to capture your audience’s attention on social media. Strategies are created using trial and error to find what works best for your own brand, whether that’s more video content or incorporating micro-influencers and chat bots. Social media is constantly growing and evolving, forcing us to stay on top of our game and grow with it. Here are some of the biggest social trends to try in 2018:

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Social Media Trends 2018

Video is King

The first social media trend of 2018 is video.

With so many algorithm changes throughout social media, video is now one of the most well-performing types of content.

Nearly 90% of all content shared by users on social media was video in 2017. However, video also presents its own challenges, such as capturing the viewer’s attention in just the first few seconds. It can be overwhelming at times, but programs such as iMovie can make video easier for beginners. Not super comfortable with editing just yet?

Test the waters with Instagram and Facebook Live or an app like Periscope. Content creators, bloggers and brands alike can benefit from incorporating more video into their 2018 social strategy.

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The second social media trend of 2018 are micro influencers.

While influencer marketing has become a quite saturated space, micro-influencers are rising up as the preferred form of marketing.

Brands are looking even harder at your engagement and noticing the low rates of most popular influencers. Not only do micro-influencers have a generally higher engagement rate, their followers are also more loyal with less fake bot accounts.

If you’re a micro-influencer yourself, don’t be afraid to take those first steps and start working with brands. Whether you work for product trades or a fee, brands are always on the hunt for fresh content and new audiences.

Found a brand you want to work with? Send a screenshot of your insights to show them your reach, engagement rate and follower demographics to show how your brand aligns with theirs.


The third social media trend of 2018 is boosting.

Another consequence of the ever-changing algorithms is seeing a large drop in overall reach.

If you’re noticing that your posts aren’t reaching as many people, boosting can be a great way to put your content in front of new eyes. Whether you’re boosting a specific post, video or your profile, you can use both Facebook or Instagram.

In order to promote a post on Instagram, you need a business profile to do this directly through the app. If you have a Facebook page set up for your photography or blog, you can also boost specific posts through the site. An added bonus of boosting is the ability to target your ideal audience. So,  you can be sure your content is seen by the right people.

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Chat Bots

The fourth social media trend of 2018 are chat bots.

We’ve all received the annoying, generic messages when you first visit a page. “Hi there, what are you shopping for today?”

But, chat bot technology has improved greatly in recent months, allowing you to communicate with potential customers without even being online.

Whether you want to connect with customers, manage inquiries or help track orders. These chat bots add a personal touch to automation. Our attention spans are getting shorter and these chat bots are a great way to answer their questions quickly and easily. But, don’t go overboard when setting up your chat bot. Keep it simple and add a bit of personality.

Social media is an ever-changing space with its constant algorithms, updates and more. While some trends may be short-lived, they can also help change the course of social media. What are some of your favorite trends for 2018?

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