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How do I keep up with constantly creating new content? The answer is simple, yet not easily executed. Curating creative content takes time, dedication, and more time. But, nothing beats the satisfying feeling of sharing a photograph you are truly proud of.  

How To Constantly Create Content


The Hub was an absolute life changer for me.

Not only did it force me to reach out to people I have never met before, but it taught me to master the skills of collaboration. Before the Hub, I would have to scour the depths of Instagram and try to contact photographers through private messaging or through emails, which they would rarely respond to.

It was not impossible to get the job done, but ever since I got on the Hub, I went from shooting a couple times a month to a couple times each week!


I message local photographers in Los Angeles via the Hub’s messaging system in order to continue the flow of collaboration and keep the content coming.

Making sure to customize each message so it does not sound like a “copy and paste” is important because I want the photographer to know I admire their work individually (I will specifically let them know what I love about their photos).

Not all photographers match the style I look for and that is normal, so it is good to make sure you genuinely want to work with someone.


Finding a way to fit all of the shoots in a way that does not overwhelm me is key.

Generally, I will not do more than one shoot in a day. Having some days off in between shoots allows me some time to make sure each one has my full creative attention. Gotta make sure my full time music career and freelance work fit in there as well!

Luckily enough, the photographers I meet through the Hub can also help with taking photos of my live shows! Getting live performance photos only adds to the exciting content on my Instagram and helps me build my brand as a musician.

H has also really sparked my interest in photography and I can add “photographer” on my Hub profile along with my category of “model” and do both, how awesome is that?


Step 4: CONSISTENCY: How do I create consistency in my work?

Consistently posting new content shows people that I am dedicated and someone worth following.

Creating an aesthetic feed takes a lot of time when you add it all up from all of the shoots, but if this is something you are invested in, it is worth it. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by all of it, of course I am only human.

When this happens, I usually take a breather until I am ready to dive back into posting and modeling. In fact, I am about to start reaching out to photographers again because I took a little time off after overloading my schedule with too much business.

It is vital to know how much you can personally handle. Everyone has their own style and way of organizing their calendar.

Speaking of calendar, my calendar on my computer and phone is my greatest friend. It helps me remember and plan all of my shoots so that I do not overlap any scheduling. Lifesaver! I also believe that consistency has a lot to do with branding.

My free falling wavy brown hair and obsession with hats really does the trick in keeping my feed together.

Step 5: CREATION: How do I keep it fresh and interesting?

This is the million dollar question! How DO I keep creating content that goes beyond the “simple shot” and tests my skills as a model?

Well, this is something that I will be improving on over and over. I believe that researching for new inspiration, staying on top of trends and even trying to create my own is what continues to challenge me, but if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Captioning a photo is another creative obstacle because the most successful ones tell a story or incite engagement through questions that usually relate to the photo in some way. If the photo is awesome, the caption will glow in awesomeness with it.

The good news is there is always a photo to be taken and there will always be a better photo to be taken, so go out there and get that beautiful content!  

Step 6: CONTENT: Why do I need it?

In a world run by social media and technology, it is essential to keep up with daily posts and to bring to life innovative concepts.

To maximize my reach and bring together an audience who appreciates, enjoys, supports and engages with my photos, my music and videos is the goal.

I love asking questions and hearing from my friends and followers about their stories and their opinions. It helps me better understand the people that connect with me. Through this, I continue to be inspired and motivated to continue on my journey in #pursuitofportraits, #musiclife and #exploringtocreate.

Connecting with others is the main reason why any of this matters and why I continue to post, create new work and start conversations.

How do you keep up with constantly creating content? Share with us on @h_collective

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