How To Build A Digital Campaign With Photography

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Digital Campaign Work by the H Hub

In our current media space, you need to be intentional with how you promote your brand and business. Developing a strong online presence is the first step to landing and securing customers. In order to market your brand effectively, it’s time to take the next step and build an impactful, captivating digital campaign.

A digital campaign can be published through your brand’s website, social media channels or advertising with a third party company such as a blog or magazine.

This digital campaign should;

  • Lay out your brand’s offerings
  • Entice consumers with a strong message
  • Employ a call to action to turn interest into tangible sales.

Yet, what makes one digital campaign stand out among the rest? What would allow your digital campaign to retain consumers’ attention rather than ignite a quick exit from the page?

The answer – high quality, professional photography. 

Let’s talk about how you can build your next digital campaign with photography.

Building a Digital Campaign With Photography

Craft a Story Worth Telling

When you’re building a digital campaign, you always need to start with crafting the outline of your story. The story you will tell with your campaign will be the message and vision you hope to project to your audience.

This could be several ideas such as:

  • Informing of a new product launch
  • Brand Awareness to gain new customers
  • Promoting a special/sale that you are offering
  • Displaying your current collection

Once you have your idea in place, it’s time to decide how you will go about executing this concept onto the page. Considering that a digital campaign will be presented through online channels, you need to ensure that you can grab attention, ignite interest and translate these viewers into customers.

To craft your story – start by drawing up concepts that you want to include. Since photography will be driving the campaign, you just need a general idea of what you envision to communicate to your photographer. Include details such as:

  • Location of your images – Studio or On-Location in a specific place
  • Types of Images – product, people, still life
  • Mood / Expression – Positive, Happy, Moody, Angry
  • Framing – Close Up, Far Away, Portrait, Landscape
  • Coloring – Pop of Color, Desaturated, Muted, Vibrant

By writing down what you hope to achieve with this project and how you would like the images to be presented – will take you one step further to creating a quality digital campaign.

Find the Perfect Outlet

The next step to building a digital campaign with photography is to find the perfect outlet. This means you need to decide where you want to share your images.

Will it be presented on your website, social media channels or pushed through advertisements with third party providers?

Will this campaign show as a banner ad, full page spread or cropped social images?

Deciding the capacity in which you will be promoting this digital campaign, will aid in the production of your images.

Many brands forget that images change based on the sharing platform. You wouldn’t want to use the same pictures across each digital space because each has it’s own focus, sizing and composition.

For example, for a website you would need to focus on creating landscape images that can be stretched out across your page. But, for a social media post – portrait style images display stronger due to the cropped nature of platforms like Instagram.

These little changes between each online platform can make a big difference in the overall effectiveness of your digital campaign.

Hire a Photographer Who Understands Your Brand

So, once you have crafted the outline of your campaign and determined where it will be placed – you need to find and hire a photographer who understands your vision and brand.

When you are creating an effective digital campaign through online channels, photography is everything.

Why? Because photography can grab the attention of the consumer in ways such as:

  • Igniting the consumer’s interest in your brand
  • Allowing them to visualize each and every detail of your product
  • Seeing the story you have created and picture themselves within it
  • Enticing the consumer to adopt the lifestyle of your brand
  • Establishing a connection between you and your audience through shared interests/ideas

If photography has such a powerful effect on consumer behavior – wouldn’t you want to invest the time and budget into hiring a photographer that completely understands the essence of your brand?

Find a photographer who is creative, professional and can turn your outline of ideas into a tangible, successful digital campaign.

The photographs you use to promote and market your brand will act as a direct connection to your audience. These images should grab their attention and make them excited and interested in what you have to offer.

Post & Publish

After the campaign is shot, it’s time to execute your creative ideas. Take the images your photographer has captured for you and share them with your audience.

Post and publish the images for your photography driven campaign and watch as they create massive results in the development and growth of your brand.

No matter which way you look at it, a digital campaign is nothing without high quality, professional photography.

So, if you want to take your company to the next level and bypass your competition – it’s time to invest and hire a photographer to create your next digital campaign.