How To Be More Comfortable Sharing Your Words Online

It can be super scary to put your heart and soul into something and then put it out into the world. Writing about something personal always means that it’s important. It’s hard to be vulnerable. I get it.

There’s a lot that goes into the process of sharing your words online and learning to be comfortable with it.

Whenever you write something, send it to a friend first. 

Not only are you getting in touch with your feelings, but you’re putting those feelings out into the world for people to see, to judge, to relate to. So if that’s too scary, start off by sending your words to a friend. Hopefully, they’ll give you honest feedback and support everything you have to say.

If you’re nervous that you might not be the best writer, learn a little bit about grammar. 

It’s super embarrassing to have spelling or grammar mistakes in your writing and it’ll make you feel too insecure to share your thoughts and words online. Proofread before you post something. Make sure what your writing makes sense. The last thing you want is for someone to read your words and call you out for a mistake you could’ve fixed.

Understand that it takes time to feel good about it. 

It’ll be a long process of discomfort. If you’re a writer or a creative wanting to share your words on a blog or social media post, you’re putting yourself in a super vulnerable position. To get to a place where you feel comfortable enough to share your words with a community online, you have to be patient, work hard, and have faith in yourself and what you have to say.