6 Tips On How To Market To Millennials

how to market to millennials
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For many established and new businesses, it can be tough to determine how to market to millennials. As a generation that is saturating the consumer marketplace, landing the attention of this demographic can be the key to your brand’s success. Yet, how exactly do you get millennials interested in your company?

There are several marketing approaches that you can use to appeal to millennials.

So, to help you gain the support of this audience, here are 6 tips on how to market to millennials.

6 Tips On How To Market To Millennials

Fully Utilize Social Media

The first tip on how to market to millennials is to use social media to its fullest extent.

It’s no secret that in today’s world, many marketing and advertising efforts are being pushed through online spaces. While some brands may hold on to the hope of using only print or cable advertising, this method is no longer a viable way to market your product.

In fact, the millennial demographic is not present in these older advertising spaces. Instead, they are highly active on social media platforms and online blogs. So much so, that they make their purchasing decisions based off of what is presented to them via social influence.

So, if we know that millennials are on social media more than ever – where would be the best place for you to market your brand?

To market to millennials, don’t sleep on your social presence. Utilize Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach your audience. And, invest marketing budgets into running paid social on these platforms.

In fact, we already know the millennials aren’t going to come to you. So, take the initiative, get active on social media and start reaching your targeted demographic.

Provide Added Value

The second tip on how to market to millennials is to provide them with added value.

Millennials are focused on purchasing from brands and companies that add value to their life. We’ve talked about this before in our piece on Millennial Trends. And, this point is so vital for your marketing strategy, that it needs to be reiterated.

By providing added value, you are giving your consumers an extra push to support your brand over competitors.

Added value comes in the form of:

  • Being transparent and authentic
  • Creating goods that are inclusive and diverse
  • Understanding the behaviors and priorities of younger people
  • Having a mission and core value that appeals to their ethics

These elements will provide the millennial demographic with a piece of your brand that they can relate to and support.

To them, you are not just selling a product. Instead, you are giving them something different and unique that many other brands fail to recognize.

In your marketing efforts, add value by showcasing the heart of your brand. Use social media and effective advertising to communicate your company’s message.

To market to millennials, you need to reach outside of the traditional goods to consumer approach. Give them a reason to like your brand and support your higher mission as a company.

Offer Convenience

The third tip on how to market to millennials is to offer an element of convenience.

If you aren’t aware, millennials are all about the hustle. They have day jobs, night jobs and side gigs to make their dreams into a reality. They work out, go to events and still find the time to be social with their friends and family. To say that they are busy, would be an understatement.

So, if we know that millennials are always on the go – why wouldn’t a brand focus their efforts on making their products more accessible?

If you want to market to millennials, consider your fulfillment strategy.

How are you sending your products to your customers?

Do you offer fast, free shipping? Are you a subscription service? Is there a reminder notice for when a customer needs a refill? Can your products be found easily online?

Each of these are elements that are crucial to consider if you want to appeal to the millennial generation. If you are only selling your products in brick and mortar stores, you’re missing out. Sell in stores and online, through your social media platform and build an easy to navigate website.

If you make the overall shopping and purchasing experience easier, millennials will be drawn to your brand. They want to support companies that fit into their hectic schedules.

To know how to market to millennials, show them that you support their hustle and offer products that are perfect for the busy, fast-paced professional.

Give Them Something New & Fresh

The fourth tip on how to market to millennials is to give them something new and fresh.

Millennials are all about products that are creative and unique. They want something that catches their eye and intrigues them to find out more.

To give them something new and fresh is up to the imagination of the brand. Think about your company, your products and how you can take a step out of the conventional box.

This change could be simple. Rethink your packaging. Take a new approach to branding. Utilize forms of mixed media within your advertising.

Assess what your competitors are doing and make your marketing efforts better than the rest.

The process of marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles. Instead, it needs to focus on the idea that you are providing them with something they haven’t seen before.

Use your imagination and ignite the creative spirit of your brand, to capture the attention of millennial consumers.

Integrate Real Life Experiences

The fifth tip on how to market to millennials is to integrate real life experiences.

While millennials are highly social and present online, they continue to yearn for valuable in person, branded experiences.

In fact, millennials are the biggest supporters of pop-up events. Whether you’re hosting a get together at  a boutique, studio, bar or park – millennials are guaranteed to be in attendance.

No matter if you sell products with fashion, food or beverages – you can put together your own unique, real life events for your consumers. Curate your pop up experience to match the voice of your brand. And,  consider having activities, music or entertainment to add interest and excitement. Plus, this is the perfect time to give away free product and allow attendees to test out what you have to offer.

Even more so, a real life experience for millennials is a sure fire way to gain traction and attention on social media. If you develop a creative event worth attending, users will post their experience for their followers to see. Which, in return, offers you true, organic reach and exposure.

To market to millennials, consider adding branded pop up events to your marketing calendar. Create an experience that is interactive and memorable to build interest and gain new customers.

Create High Quality Visuals

The sixth tip on how to market to millennials is to create high quality visuals.

We’ve mentioned that millennials are highly active on social media platforms. And, that to gain their attention, you will need to create something that is new and fresh.

So, what better way to ignite interest than to create high quality visuals to market your brand?

The visuals you create to represent your product should draw a connection between your company and the consumer. Whether it’s though a storytelling element or using a desirable location, you want your potential customers to feel connected to your brand through the imagery.

In fact, product shots are not enough. You need real people in real places with your product. And, you need to capture a lifestyle that appeals to the millennial market.

Use H To Find Your Photographer

If you’re not sure how to create such photographs, you need to hire a creative photographer. They will help craft your vision into a full fledged, successful campaign.

At H, our community of creators are experienced and professional. Their expansive and unique backgrounds consist of working with brands to help them create high quality imagery. And, they are completely in tune with the social space. Therefore, they understand what types of images you will need to grab the attention of millennials on social media.

So, if you want to market to millennials with captivating imagery, you need to use H. Browse our talent roster today to find a photographer that will take your marketing to the next level. And, effectively reach the millennial consumers.

As you can see, marketing to millennials is easier than you think.

By using social media, providing added value, offering convenience, giving them something new and fresh, integrating real life experiences and creating high quality visuals – you will quickly gain the attention and interest of the millennial demographic.

Do you have any more tips on how to market to millennials? Connect and share with us on social at @h_collective.