On A Scale Of 1-3, How Good Is Your Content?

Earlier today we launched an entirely new version of our platform – The Hub is now faster, sleeker, and more secure. Among other things, we added a ‘User Rating’ to the interface. Though this ‘User Rating’ is new to our Creators and Companies, we have been using User Ratings internally to power our Search for almost a year. Here’s how it works:

We have a panel of 15 creators across the country – different ages, different genders, different skill-sets (photographers, models etc), different styles (fashion, landscape, etc), and different backgrounds. This creative panel rates the recent images of all 35,000 of our creators every single day. They do this by looking at the nine most recent photos of each creator and subjectively rating the images a 1 (bad) a 2 (good) or a 3 (great). These scores are averaged and create the User Rating (between a 1.0 (bad) and a 3.0 (great).

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What is bad? What is good? Each panel member has their own opinions, preferences, and biases, which is why we average 15 scores. Broadly, though, thoughtfully produced images that are correctly exposed, creatively framed, and cleanly edited will score higher.

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The higher your rating, the higher you appear in search – for other Creators and Companies alike.

In a few months, we will publicly launch our Company Tab (currently in private beta) where our most talented Creators will be given access to our favorite clients (for paid opportunities). When this launches (likely February or March) only the top 30% of our Creators (by User Rating) will be shown to Companies. Why? Because we want our clients to have access to the best, most passionate Creators at all times. Currently, the top 30% of our Creators have a rating of 1.90 or higher. So, if your score is lower than a 1.90 when we launch the Company Tab you will not be shown to Companies.

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Here are a few questions we are getting a lot:

Why are you doing this? It seems elitist!

Elitist? We feel it’s just the opposite. By having a panel of 15 people, we account for different biases. In other words, because the scores are an average they reflect a fair and weighted assessment across a variety of opinions from a variety of different creators.

Who are you to say I am not good enough?

Again, your User Rating is not a reflection of how The Hub or any of it’s core employees feel about you or your work. We have done our best to assemble a fair and balanced system to allow the most talented creators to bubble to the top. If you’d like to look under the hood and apply to join our creative panel  you can do so here.

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I have heard that being more active on the platform helps, is that true?

Yes, our algorithm also favors users that log in at least once per week to message other Creators or work with Companies. Less active? That’s fine, but someone who is checking more regularly will likely show up higher in search.

How can I improve my User Rating?

This is a great question. The easiest answer is shoot more. Statically speaking, users who shot twice as much for two months see on average a .2 increase in their rating after two months.

Specifically, use The Hub to collaborate with people who are better than you. The higher their rating, the more likely they are to teach you something.

Will I still be shown to other creators if my score is less than 1.90?

Yes! Above anything else, The Hub is a place for creators to find other creators. This service will always be free and is the best way to improve your score.

Can I become a part of the Creative Panel that gives ratings?

Yes, the position pays 5 cents per rating (approx. $20 per hour) and you can apply here. We are very selective for our panel positions so don’t be offended if you don’t get a spot!

Can I try the Job Board in private beta and give my opinions so it can launch faster?

Yes, you can apply here.