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Intro To Self Employment with Sierra Lowe

You’re a creative and a free agent. You get to choose your own projects and make your own schedule. Sounds amazing! Roll in the self-doubt, avoidance and isolation that come with working on a solo project. As I am reminded daily, forging your own path can be mentally and physically challenging. I’ve recently begun my […]

My Come Up: Sean Dackermann, Shooting My First Concert

The one event that sticks out the me the most that I will always remember since it was my first big concert show was the Wale headline show at Baltimore’s Artscape in 2010. I had never shot concert photography before that. I thought to myself though, “man, this would be an awesome experience. I need […]

How To Win Your First 5 Brand Clients

More than anything else, I get asked about how to evolve from a hobbyist photographer/model/videographer to someone who can quit their day job to do what they love. In short, “how the f*ck can I get the attention of brands who will pay me thousands of dollars every month?” Here’s the blow by blow. Master […]

The Importance of Mentorship

In a world of growing content saturation, it is hard to find your direction and unique niche as an artist. It takes time, trial, and error to determine where you want to focus your time and energy, and what style compliments your skills and talents best. Personally, I’ve found the best way to maintain forward […]

My Come Up: Adonnica Genon

I’ve always been very passionate about Photography, Graphic Design, and Videography. I started using cameras at the age of three and this is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I became a freelance photographer in 2013, a year after I graduated high school; where I fearlessly left home and pursued my dreams full time. I […]

Weekly Contest: Male Model Portraits

We will be doing weekly contests for you guys to win really awesome stuff. In the case of this contest, $100 for the model and $100 for the photographer. This weeks photo challenge included Male Model portraits, because we need more male models in our lives! Looks like you guys got floral this week… we […]

Photographer Branding and Identity

So, you’ve progressed rapidly as a photographer and are starting to produce magazine-level results, and people (maybe even companies) are starting to throw money at you to shoot for them. Congratulations, you’re becoming a professional! Being a professional freelance photographer is exciting, rewarding, potentially lucrative, and a lifelong dream for many people. But make no […]

What We Look For In Our Members

Having an exclusive community is an oxymoron; like “jumbo shrimp” or “microsoft works”. A community should definitionally be inclusive… So why is our platform gated? Why do we turn people away? What do we look for in applicants? What if I am not an influencer yet? These are all great questions that I get nearly every day. So, once […]

What We Wish Photographers Knew, xo Models

I have so much respect for photographers. Their job is incredibly difficult and there are so many elements to photography and a multitude of jobs within the photography job (i.e. editing, equipment care, etc.). While there are a lot of challenges within photography, there are also a lot of elements that go into being a […]

“Nice Photo! You Must Have An Expensive Camera!”

In case you haven’t heard, “Nice photo! You must have an expensive camera!” is the worst thing to say to a photographer. It’s like saying “wow congrats on passing your final exam, you must have had a really nice pencil!” It has nothing to do with the instrument, it has everything to do with the talent of […]


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