10 Photogenic Cabins For Your Creator Retreat

Need a place for your next adventure? Check out these 10 Photogenic Cabins.

We’ve all probably seen those photos on Instagram or Pinterest of the cozy, inviting, and magical cabins set in the forest. They bring us a sense of inner peace and calm that we cannot get from our constantly socializing world.

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These dreamy places offer us solitude, a chance to get away for a bit and reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.

It’s so easy to save these photos to our Instagram archives, and pin them to our cabin vibe boards on Pinterest, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could stay in places similar to these forest homes?

You could plan a trip for yourself or a group of friends and go rent a cabin in the woods. Now, before you say that this sounds like a creepy horror film waiting to happen take a step back and think about all of the cool shots and potential content you could create for your portfolio.

Whether you are a photographer or model cabins have been and still are big on Instagram so why not ride the bandwagon till it fizzles out. These places will also give you an excuse to take a road trip.

They are located all over the U.S and are perfect for an upcoming summer adventure.

10 Photogenic Cabins Worth Visiting

Northern Lights Cabin

Near Fairbanks, Alaska

If you head her this winter then you will definitely be in time to witness the magnificent Aurora Borealis. This beautiful log cabin in remote Alaska. It’s a great way to disconnect and be present with a group of friends.

Occupancy is 6 guest at a total of $279 per night. Split between 6 that’s $46.50 per person, not bad for the beauty you will be guaranteed.

Cozy California A-Frame Cabin

Cazadero, California

Plan to surround yourself with Redwoods and embrace the seclusion of Northern California’s forests.

Only a 45 minute drive from San Francisco this is the perfect spot to head to for a weekend getaway filled with creative content, fires, cozy coffee mug photos, and fairy lights. Occupancy is 2 guests for $155 per night.

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Goldilock’s Cabin

Stowe, Vermont

This charming yet rustic cabin is only a mile away from Stowe’s picturesque Main street. Filled with vintage, antique furniture it’s such a cool place to transport you back to a simpler time.

With a lofted bedroom and a quaint yard it will be perfect even during the winter months with snow coating the cabin. It sleeps five and costs a mere $235 per night. That’s only $47 per person to stay and enjoy the wilderness vibes.

The Wudenknipple

Bessemer, Minnesota

During the winter months especially this place is great for a ski getaway with friends and family. Near the Wisconsin border and Big Powderhorn Ski Hill you can find a lot to do in this area. The cabin sleeps 6 and is only $175 per night. That’s roughly $30 each! What a fun place to hang out, catch up, and unwind.

Photogenic Cabins

Tye Haus

Skykomish, Washington

We’ve all seen this cabin on Instagram, it’s very popular and still very affordable. It’s an A-Frame part of the Timber Lane Village which is near Steven’s Pass Ski Resort. A renovated cabin surrounded by some of the best hiking trails throughout the Cascades.

It’s fully furnished with 1 bedroom, a pull out couch, and an upper loft with three additional beds. It can sleep up to 6 and is only $170 per night. About $30 each if you have 5 other friends who want to play around in the woods with you for a few days. Totally worth it I say!

The Phoenix Ridge Yurt

Creede, Colorado

Although this place is technically not a cabin it won’t matter. It is still super cozy, and very secluded on 27 private acres in the San Juan Mountains. It will push you out of your comfort zone and off the map.

You are only 15 minutes from the nearby mountain town of Creede. But you will need a 4WD vehicle to access this location hanging over La Garita Range. Pets and four guests are welcome in this solar powered home in the mountains. Cost is $150 per night. Or $37.50 if split evenly.

The Goat Farm Cabin

Big Sur, California

Big Sur is always worth the extra splurge. With its dramatic coastline and mesmerizing views it’s a wonderful place to kick back and hang for a while. Sitting atop the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean this photogenic cabin is a rental as well as a working goat farm.

You can get up early to milk the goats and try some of the fresh goat cheese, and then hike on down to the nearby Pfeiffer Beach or Big Sur Bakery. The cabin has a complete kitchen, a full bath, a washer/dryer, and sleeps four guests.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those trendy Sackcloth and Ashes blankets and head for the hills. Costing $516 per night you can split it with your friends and only put down $129 for a very luxurious experience.

The Carriage House Cabin

Bozeman, Montana

Rated “Best AirBnB” in Outside Magazine this carriage house turned photogenic cabin is hard to pass up. Made from reclaimed wood this studio has French doors that swing open to a beautiful view of the mountains in the distance.

It’s decorated in a wonderfully minimal-modern way which will give those Instagram photos a unique look. Wifi is available here so you can do all the work you want or not at all. Most guests end up searching for remote jobs that will allow them to remain calm and happy in this magical location.

The place sleeps 2 and costs a bit more at $175 per night. But you’ll still be spending less than $100 splitting it with someone.

The Glass Cabin

Hillsdale, New York

Nestled in the Hudson Valley this “cabin” is for anyone who craves the outdoors but really wants a more modern experience. This two-bedroom cabin was specifically designed to “get as close to nature as possible.”

It’s furnished with natural, vintage, and mid-century decor and seamlessly blends the architecture of the home into the forest floor. Definitely worth saving up for. At $350 per night it’s much more expensive than the other cabins on the list but can sleep up to 4 guest comfortably.

Still less than $100 per night and much better than a fancy hotel cramped into the city.

1880’s Cabin

Rabun Gap, Georgia

You have to see the view from this photogenic cabin’s front porch in person to fully appreciate this sweet little cabin built in the 1880’s from hand-hewn timber. Located in the Wolf fork Valley you can get up early to watch the fog roll over the countryside or stay up late and watch the snow fall under the Christmas lights.

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Either way this place is a dream and will transport you through time. May not be your typical A-Frame but is by far the coziest of all the cabins on this list. At $135 per night it fits 2 guests and is a great place for a romantic retreat. Still less than $100 per person each night.

So what are you waiting for? Find some friends, spend a Friday night hanging out, planning where you want to go, and then book one of these photogenic cabins. I promise you won’t regret it.

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