Brands, Strive For Authenticity And You’ll Make A Profit

Brands, Strive For Authenticity And You'll Make A Profit
Rizky Subagja

If you’re a company trying to market yourself to a certain demographic, you have to have authenticity in your brand. We live in this digital age where we are fed so many ads and so much bullshit, and people want the truth and something that is worth investing in.

Brands, Strive For Authenticity And You’ll Make A Profit.

1. Transparent = authentic.

In order to get them to trust you, you have to grab their attention fast. Everything is so loud and millennials are nearly maxed out with all the information they’re fed. They just want something simple and straight forward, so utilize the time they give you and give them what they’re looking for: transparency.

So how can I grab their attention? 

Be personable and relatable. Give them a peek behind-the-scenes if you have to. Why? It feels more like friends sharing things with another friend rather than a brand trying to sell products to a consumer.

2. Know your intentions.

Let’s compare it to dating. Maybe you’re out for drinks with your friends and you’re lowkey looking for someone to bring home with you. Why? It’s a cheap thrill. You’re impulsive. In reality, we all need someone for the long run.

With that being said, if you have substance or you want something greater because you know it will benefit you, you won’t go after cheap thrills. You want something that will be around for a while, and if that’s your company, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it last.

3. Have morals and values.

Don’t be “fake woke” because, again, millennials will see right through the bullshit. Don’t promote diversity just because it might be “trendy” and it’ll get their attention for a split second. Don’t monetize off of something that people care about because your disingenuity is just…ugly.

You can be profitable if you are genuine. You can be successful if you are authentic.

So really sit down and think about it. How authentic is your brand? What can you do to follow through on values that people will care about?