The Importance of Brand Authenticity

In today’s marketplace, brand authenticity sells. Businesses and brands market themselves online, in the midst of highly-saturated content, facing the newest generation of consumers. We are in this digital age of social media, full of millennials and marketing tactics. With that being said, millennials are getting good at seeing through the bullshit, the schemes, the marketing ploys.

Traditional advertising is not the right approach anymore. Now, it’s about transparency, substance, and having morals. If you want to sell the millennial (a potential consumer) something and keep them away from your competition, you have to be genuine. Authenticity means everything.

It’s hard for some businesses to stand out in this digital age. Brands want to make their presence known in the midst of ads and over-saturated content. How do they grab the attention of consumers? They strive for authenticity.

The Importance of Brand Authenticity

1. Strive for transparency as a brand.

We all know and love social media, smartphones, and online stores. The thing is, it’s hard for businesses to establish a presence in the online world. To stand out, you have to be transparent.

Millennials know if brands and their marketing tactics are disingenuous. They know who’s trying to make money vs who’s doing things for the benefit of others. How to be transparent? Try this:

  • Talk about things that aren’t really talked about, like who is behind the business.
  • Show them behind-the-scenes content, like the design process.
  • Make things personal and relatable. Show a vulnerable side to your business. Prove there are real, good people doing real, good things.

2. Have substance and good intentions.

Strive to do good for someone or something–humanity, the environment, animals. As the new generation of consumers, they like participation and being a part of something, no matter small or big, as long as it’s benefiting someone.

Carolee Jewelry is a great example of a brand with substance. They market their products to women, celebrate diversity, give back to the community, and embrace the future of fashion and culture alike. How awesome is that?!

3. Have morals and values and use it to your advantage.

Having morals kinda goes hand-in-hand with having substance, don’t you think? It is the #1 way to really, wholeheartedly, sell your brand.

If you want millennials to care about your business, care about what matters to them. What do they value? Whether it’s living eco-friendly, saving the animals, being an advocate for Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ community, #bodypositivity, women’s rights and feminism — millennials care about being activists for the social movements that impact our society.

Let’s say you’re a fashion brand. How can you get started? Well, first, figure out what matters to your consumers. Most likely, it’s being sustainable. Try and be eco-friendly by recycling materials or using less plastic packaging.

Or, maybe you’re a food company and you want to market the launch of a new food product. Kashi recently came out with their waffles that are gluten-free and made from superfoods. The ingredients are environmentally friendly and great for consumers who have a specific diet.

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There are a number of brands that are doing things right, and smaller businesses should take notes from them. If you want your business to be something great, you need to strive for greatness.

Invest time and energy into your brand. You don’t want to be a brand that just enjoys the cheap thrills. Don’t strive for “getting rich quick.” You want something that lasts, right? Right! Develop your brand with authenticity and transparency, and substance will come easy. Care about the things that matter and people will be more inclined to invest in whatever you’re selling.