Longevity And Substance In The Creative Industry With H Agency

How do you brand yourself?

James and Pojo compare it to nightlife.

You bar hop and you buy a bunch of drinks and try to finesse your way into bringing someone home with you. Let’s be honest, though – that doesn’t really serve you emotionally or mentally. It’s a cheap thrill, you know? It’s fun for a night, but in the long run, are you building yourself for the future?

Here’s some tea: if you’re being impulsive, you might be less likely to grow something to be long-term.

Know your intentions.

Be authentic.

Start with an ethical, thought-out structure that comes from the heart. It will end (if it ends) on a note that was genuine. If you start from a place of speed and finesse, it’ll end just as quick as it started. Substance = longevity.

“Just be honest with yourself,” James says.

You could focus on trends and monetize off of the graph that shows what people want, or you could try and create a brand that’s going to be around for a while.

You could be like the person who sold fidget spinners and then dropped off the face of the earth. Sell out in order to exist. Get rich quick. (I mean seriously, do you remember fidget spinners? They were around for like…3 months, right? They’re MIA now!)

Or you could be an entrepreneur or a company with substance. Maybe a follower of trends but not necessarily trendy (and we all know that trends come and go).

Take the time to build something. Slow and steady wins the race.