Advertising To Millennials With H Agency

With some nitro cold brew in their system, James and Pojo talk about ~millennials~.

When it comes to marketing to a generation – especially one that goes down in history as one of the most stimulated and most socially-active – it’s not as easy as fake it till you make it. If you want millennials to listen to you, listen to them first.

James, who considers himself to be a balding old man, asks young Pojo: “What is it that millennials want? What should brands be aware of?”

Pojo says: “Transparency.”

It’s crucial to understand your audience and their point of view. If you’re marketing to millennials, you have to grab their attention.

Millennials are the Internet generation. They see ads all the time and social media is full of them! Everything is so loud and there’s so much going on. How can we keep up with your brand when there are millions of others to focus on?

With that being said, millennials are nearly maxed out with all of the information they are fed, and all they want is something simple and less loud. They want something that will grab their attention fast. They want straight-forward answers to their problems.

If you want to properly advertise to a consumer that only consumes ads, there needs to be a focus of energy on the messaging of the product. Brush away all the bullshit that weighs down your messaging. In other words: utilize the time they give you.

Millennials have short attention spans so if you want them to focus on you, you have to figure out how they tick.