Modernizing Your Brand With H Agency

How do we attract the next generation?

What can we do to modernize our brand? 

Are we going all in?

These are some of the questions that brands need to ask themselves when trying to modernize their company. Everyone is trying to find new ways to expand their demographic and their horizons when it comes to their target audience. Though this is great, it brings up a very important conversation around what it means to build a brand off of ethics.

James and Pojo spill some tea in the second episode of this series: you can’t be “fake woke” or promote diversity on certain topics because it’s monetize-able and trendy. 

If you want to rebrand your company, it has to be behind the scenes too. Go all in! You can’t dip your toes into topics that our generation cares about and then jump out whenever you please, or for whatever reason. You have to go all in if you want it to work out for your company.

Times are changing and if you want to attract the next generation, you need to genuinely connect with them.

If brands do not cater to a larger demographic when they’re creating campaign concepts, then they’re going to have a hard time building their brand and making it as great as they want it to be.

A brand’s potential audience will start to question the authenticity of the brand that is trying to reel them in. It begs the conversation on whether or not this brand is trying to change their identity or if they’re just bullshitting. According to Pojo, our generation – with social media and other resources we have – is getting better at seeing through the bullshit of highly saturated content. So keep in mind, older brands, we know what you’re up to.