Marketing Your Brand With H Agency

James and Pojo have a down-to-earth chat about insecurities of small brands and how to market to a demographic that is right. Some brands are freaking out about their identity, and James and Pojo get it.

In episode 1 of this series, James and Pojo Discuss…, they talk about how crucial it is to properly your brand in the development of a business. With their experiences, they have catered to different demographics (old and young), but they’re both still relevant in the marketing world. Pojo asks James about a hypothetical company and how to actually market a brand properly without fending off consumers.

As a brand, it’s hard to breakthrough a consumer culture that is highly saturated in advertising, in content and messaging alike.

James says you “gotta get people’s attention. A mistake people make – is when they think they need to get people’s attention, they just yell as loud as they can. That means a shit ton of content, their website says 15 different things, and they’re just outputting, outputting, outputting.”

You don’t want to pump out too much information to your consumers. You don’t want to spread yourself and your company too thin, because if you do, it won’t have the original impact that you intended.

You have to figure out the kind of people that are on your side and actually want the things you’re selling. Figure out what you all have in common.

How do you make your brand be as tight and straightforward and simple to explain? What is the heart and soul of your product? How do you market your brand?