Replicate Bella Photography With This Hadid Sister’s Fashion Looks

Ke Atlas

Creating one of a kind and trend setting looks is supermodel Bella Hadid’s trademark. Replicating Bella photography, is not about embracing a standardized style or buying designer labels, it’s about knowing how to flatter the body’s curves and select staple fashion pieces. Each that speak towards both a sense of character and personality. No matter the occasion, Bella photography snapshots can remind us how powerful a choice of wardrobe can be. Even when finding great sales in the store and online deals, completing a Hadid sister’s wardrobe is no cheap tasks. We worked with stylist Colette LeClair, on finding replica wardrobe staples to have you completing your Bella photography shoot in no time. By utilizing sites like Amazon prime fashion and affordable brands like Revolve and H&M, looking like a supermodel is now an approachable task (at least when it pertains to clothing). Read on as we review twelve outfits seen in Bella photography, and break down their styles in an affordable and attainable way.

  1. Little Black Dress

Except, this number is very different from your stereotypical LBD. This little black dress worn by Bella on the Moschino runway, has traded in the nylon and cotton for a swanky leather material. Replicate this look, with this piece recommended by Colette, “this dress is actually very wearable, and much more versatile than it looks. At first glance, it is very Posh Spice and you view it as a dress that should worn dancing late into the night.” Colette recommends pairing it with your favorite knee high boots like Bella. Additionally, “the buckle strap is an edgy touch that has been hitting the runways a lot more recently, if you are going to have a leather zip up dress pair it with buckle straps.” This makes a great outfit for lifestyle photography sessions, and  If wanting to wear this number for a casual shoot during the day, it’s also versatile enough to tone down. “To achieve this look, try layering this dress with a tight mock neck that has ruffle sleeves or stripes. Skip the knee highs, and instead wear with tights and your favorite booties.” Helpful hint from the stylist herself, “the dress is on the shorter side, so if you have legs for days, be prepared to feel like you are in a very, very mini dress.” She suggest ordering a size up, as the dress can be on the smaller side.

  1. Wild Birthday Dress

Caught on camera during her sister Gigi’s twenty third birthday party, Bella photography shows us just how wild and fun a printed slip can be. While this look was curated by top brand name designers, we managed to compile together a similar look to embrace all things stylish, fashion forward, and just a little bit wild. Below we’ve outlined hot to mimic both the dress as well as the matching gold heel to help recreate this birthday party look for under $60.

  • Cheetah Dress – From on of the most beloved online retail store, ASOS, we found this top quality and oh-so-flattering leopard slip dress to recreate Bella photography. This dress will primarily flatter those with warmer undertones in their skin, as the brown and cream colors tend to run a little warm themselves.
  • Gold Heel – What we all love is a fabulous and quality gold stiletto heel. What we hate, is the ridiculous high prices many shoe brands place their price as. No need to fear, with four stars and over eighty reviews, it’s clear these shoes cut the costs but not the quality. As these gold heels clasps above the ankle, they’ll also do a wonderful job in accentuating the legs without cutting off the rest of the body.

  1. Sophisticated Pink

“Who doesn’t love a good blazer dress? I know what you’re thinking, but it’s very pink! Well, you shouldn’t wait until your retiring in Palm Beach to wear hot pink, wear hot pink now! Take it from Bella. She has been rocking neon colors all year and we do not see this trend going away,” says Colette. Hot pink is (surprisingly) a color that looks on everyone, even if you’re rocking porcelain ivory skin, or a shining golden tan. “So, where are you going to wear a hot pink blazer dress?” is a question Colette has faced before, but she has the perfect response. You know when that one random event comes up on the calendar, and you swore you had a good outfit to wear. But low and behold you realize the day of, there’s nothing in your closet to wear? Colette suggest, when you’re faced with this dilemma, this pink blazer mini dress it the go-to fashion item. “Occasions I would wear this dress include: a hot date night, a girls’ night out, or any high end fashion event.” Helpful hint, buy some fashion tape to keep everything in as this dress can be low cut.

  1. Retro 90’s Look

The nineties style is back and thank goodness! Crop top sweaters, light denim, tiny sunglasses, and we’re hoping scrunchies come next. Bella Hadid looks very ‘Saved By The Bell’, in her street style featured here. As one of our favorite outfits featured in Bella photography, we wanted to break down where to find this classic red, long sleeve sweater crop top and for an affordable price.

  • Option one – A little on the pricier side, this twisted crop sweater is worth the $50 tag. Featured from Revolve, this sweater is made up of a fuzzy chenille knit fabric and adds a beautiful layer of texture to your overall look. Plus, with a few extra sit ups, this cut crop will show off the upper abdomen perfectly.
  • Option two – Another red cropped sweater, coming in at a fraction of the cost. This option from H&M, represents more of a cropped champion crew and is oh so comfortable. Made up on 60 percent cotton and 40 percent poly blend, this staple piece comes in at under $20.

  1. Edgy Picnic

Sometimes we’ve over the same old worn looks that seem to be occupying both our closet space and our online photography feeds. Whether shooting lifestyle or staged (in-situation) images, it’s refreshing to liven up our content with unique clothing items – just like Bella Hadid. In this Bella photography image, we see her sporting a chic picnic look with plaid and light denim – perfect for an early autumn or late spring shoot. Read on as we break down a similar look, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Plaid Crop Top – Who says that plaid has to be the same old, boring oversized flannel? Not us, and not Bella Hadid! In this Bella photography image, we see just how enhanced an outfit can be with the right blouse. Being both form fitting, and flattering this plaid crop top is meant to inspire picnic feels that can bring or elevate any photo to a transformative piece. With this top, paying $12.99 for a classic piece, is a complete steal!
  • Light Denim  – “We get it, jeans can be expensive and it’s hard to tell when (and if) they will go out of style. Positive note, light denim with a flattering cut will never go out of style,” says Colette. “This pair from Hale is the ultimate pair of light wash (not-so-mom) mom jeans. You can dress up and you can dress down, but the moral of the story is that everyone will be fixated on that waist of yours. Why? These jeans hit right at the mid section’s sweet spot. The fabric is super comfortable, and should cost double for their quality.” Helpful hint, the jeans work better on a taller frame but there is always the option to alter for the perfect fit. Colette recommends pairing these light denim jeans with a tight cropped sweater (like the red pieces above) and you will feel like you jumped back into the 90’s real quick. You should do a pointed toe bootie if you want to elongate your legs, but any shoe will work as they are cropped.

  1. Going To Work Out?

With the rise of athleisure and staple athletic gear now being worn as standard street wear and casual outfit choices, the instagram feeds are become bombarded with images of icons sporting the latest from brands like Reebok (represented by Bella’s sister Gigi), Under Armor (represented by Gisele), Adidas (represented by both supermodels Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss), and Nike which is represented by Bella Hadid. Given her representation, it’s quite common to see Bella photography featuring the iconic check mark. While visiting and shooting content in Paris, Bella was seen out on the streets wearing this beautiful white Nike athleisure set. If looking for a similar street style, we’ve provided below both a top and bottom to create the ultimate set.   

  • White Nike Crop T-shirt Perfect for an athletic suit for either a street wear or fitness photography shoot, this Nike crop tee comes in other colors in addition to the traditional white seen in featured Bella photography. What we love about the sleeves, unlike Bella’s form fitting three quarter sleeves, the featured tee is wide and short which can give a slimmer and visible asestic on camera.
  • White Track Pants – To pair and flatter the above mentioned crop tee, match with these Nike’s slim fit tennis pants. Both hip hugging and form fitting, these pants can be pulled up and accentuate the waist or pulled down to hug the hips. Either style drawing prime accentuation to the physique. While these pants can air on the pricier side, they’re often on sale and can retail for $20.

  1. Two Tone Swimwear

Bella photography proves you don’t need a tiny two piece bikini to rock a sexy look. In Porter Magazine, Bella wore a black and white one piece. A similar style to Bellas’, this monochromatic swimsuit can flatter the waist as it hugs the midsection perfectly. Additionally, the low neck v cut accentuates both the upper abdomen and the bust. This suit is both perfect against a traditional backdrop for beach wear (like beach or pool) as the colors are not loud, and symmetrical to help create even lines throughout the imagery. A complete win, win.

  1. A Pop Of Color

Sometimes a pop of color is all an outfit needs to transcend an image from being standard to extraordinary. Especially for the typical urban dweller who loves wearing black on black, a bright color can help tie together an entire outfit with simply one staple piece. From the featured Bella photography, this supermodel loves to accentuate with bright and bold pieces. While this outfit worn on Bella Hadid may run for several hundred dollars in the department store, below we broke down the look head to toe. Leather and all.

  • Orange Overcoat – Featured on Amazon prime fashion, this burnt orange overcoat is the perfect shade to both mix with various colors and pop at the same time. If orange is not your cup of tea, or color of choice, this overcoat also comes in a variety of alternate colors.  
  • Vegan Leggings – Leather leggings are all the rage, and trendy like crazy amongst street wear models and Instagramers alike. What’s even better, these leggings on Amazon fashion and recommended by Colette, are completely vegan. Wear these hip hugging, and legs for days vegan leggings (just like Bella), and you’ll be looking fabulous in front and behind the camera.
  • Turtleneck Long Sleeve – Surprisingly enough, by covering the neck and showing less skin, the more enticing the outfit becomes. Clearly, shown in Bella photography, she’s aware of the flattering appearance a classic black turtleneck can bring. Recommended by Colette on Amazon fashion, this black long sleeve is not only a turtleneck but a body suit (so it’ll be holding everything in place).
  • Pointed Toe Leather Booties – No all black on black outfit can be complete without the classic black bootie. Just like Bella, we’re bringing you a pointed toe option to class the outfit up. We know that leather booties can run on the pricey side. Fortunately Amazon fashion offers reasonable prices for a luxury brand look.

  1. Rocking The Midriff

Bella photography, showcases an iconic crop top look that slays for days, and bares her defined abdomen, because (as we mentioned before) the nineties are back and what better way to showcase than a crop top? In participating in an in-situ shoot or a street wear photography session, this is a classic look that will be sure to compliment any backdrop or setting placed behind you. Easily enough, take Bella’s look up a notch and style with bold accessory pieces such as: jewelry, belt, or shoes with a pop of color.

  • Black Wrap Crop Top – The true super star of this look, is the criss cross crop top. Showing a little dimension, while also being in a flattering color like black it’s sure to wear nicely on camera. Bonus, this top can double as a great on and off camera piece as it matches with a variety of bottoms. From the featured denim look, to a festive skirt, the options are endless. If loving the cut and feel of the black top, there’s also the option of purchasing in white as well to double your look on camera without changing the aesthetic too much.
  • Light Denim – We’re on a light denim kick and we’re not sorry about it! Mostly because in many feature Bella photography street style looks, she loves wearing her light denim jeans as well. While these jeans are a little darker than the before mentioned light denim, they do pop as a nice undertone of classic denim blue – which we love! This shade of denim would do very nicely against a brick wall backdrop (as seen in Bella’s instagram), or texturized city walls.

  1. Rocking The Playsuits

There’s something both flattering and fun about a classic black romper. Also known as a playsuit, Bella photography shows the paparazzi on camera how great it suits her. And why shouldn’t it? Not only is black the most flattering color, as it slims, it elongates the torso with its continuous flow of fabric. An additional bonus, Bella’s featured jumper includes lace. A mix between sophisticated and feminine. The lace addition to Bella’s jumper accentuates her legs and midriff in a way that doesn’t expose too much. Below, we’ve provided two similar examples to wear that won’t make a dent in the wallet.

  • Lace Jumper V Neck – Perfect for both a studio or luxury brand photo shoot session, this jumper flatters the bust with its lace detailing around the neckline. In addition, fabric around the midsection is also detailed in the jumper. By creating a V shape, contour shape, both lace cutouts give the body the ideal body shape visible on and off camera.
  • Lace Midriff – If looking to showcase most of the midriff in your shoot, as well as the bust, this option if the perfect choice for your next shoot. An ideal choice for both a social page or in-person event, this black lace jumper will for sure turn heads or promote a double tap on your feed. Best of all, this piece comes in a variety of sizes and is true to measurements. Additionally, this suit comes with an additional tie waist to help accentuate and draw in the midsection and create bold curves. Dress up with fun silver jewelry, to match the tie string, and vibrant shoes for a real kick.

  1. Better Than A Birthday Suit

“It’s not every day you have a chance to wear a silver body chain dress,” say Colette. But for an occasion like your birthday, mimic Bella photography by rocking one just like hers – like this piece from Amazon fashion. “I love this dress for a bachelorette weekend or your birthday celebration.” We all know, if there’s any time in your life we’re photos will be taken, it’s during these special occasions. “So girl, if you can rock this dress you better rock this dress. Is it sheer? Absolutely. But hey, wear something under it (there are plenty of nude tone undergarments to cover both the bust and the lower body).” In this featured Instagram image, Bella is wearing hers with nothing underneath it, so by all means if you have this desire go for it. “Also, this could be the coolest Vegas pool party cover up ever. The light definitely bounces off this dress! You can either be the disco ball at the club or the disco ball at the pool.” This dress also would look great on camera in the daylight hours as it contrast with the natural light bouncing off the material.

  1. In My Calvins

Celebrities all over social media, are having us say ‘I feel great in my Calvins’, and Bella photography is no different. Having been featured and represented by the brand. Calvin Klein loves working with Bella Hadid as she’s not afraid to show off her curves and demonstrate control in her imagery. If looking to create both sexy and confident imagery (without revealing too much skin), try wearing some of Calvin Klein’s iconic and trademark apparel. There’s something alluring to the idea of wearing a brand known specifically to create popular undergarments that when worn as main attire strikes the audience.

  • Calvin Klein Shirt – This top is seen worn by not only Bella Hadid, but the Kardashians, Jenners, and actress’ like Margot Robbie – so you know you’re in good company! Coming in a variety of neutral colors, there’s an option that is suited to work with any wearer looking to feature in their upcoming shoot. If looking to create more of a sensual look, copy Bella’s imagery by wetting the tee to form fit to the body.
  • Calvin Klein Bikini Brief – Coming in a wide selection of cuts and styles, Calvin Klein underwear is iconically used in many photoshoots by both men and women. Copy Bella photography, by wearing a black pair of their bikini briefs. The bottoms reveal enough curvature (like a swimsuit) in the bottom – but not too much to be overwhelming on camera.