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How To Capture Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A brand new bundle of joy has made his or her way into your life…and in a big way! You’ve had a baby, and you’re looking to capture on camera their cute baby cheeks and sleeping, smiling faces. Or maybe you’re a photographer looking to update your content portfolio and branch into newborn photography. Either […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Social Media Marketing Agency

Hearing the professional term social media marketing agency, can sound both confusing and intimidating. A seemingly corporate atmosphere ready to give your business a face online – how does that work? The reason it works, and very well we may add, is because within each agency lives a team dedicated towards you, your brand, and […]

Parsons Photography Program — Is It Right For You?

Located in one of the world’s leading cities in art and creativity, Parsons School of Design in New York City brings a whole different love and appreciation to photography. With the specialized photography degree (BFA), students are introduced to expansive curriculum, creative projects, and eye-opening internships; all funneled through the Parsons photography program. With all […]

Silver Fox Photography, 40 Tips For Male Modeling After 50

On many of the online application and submission requests looking for the next star in the modeling industry, we may see age concentrations focused around finding talent eighteen and older. Although, modeling and brand representation is not purely fixated on those just emerging into the industry at a young age. There’s still many opportunities and castings […]

Replicate Bella Photography With This Hadid Sister’s Fashion Looks

Creating one of a kind and trend setting looks is supermodel Bella Hadid’s trademark. Replicating Bella photography, is not about embracing a standardized style or buying designer labels, it’s about knowing how to flatter the body’s curves and select staple fashion pieces. Each that speak towards both a sense of character and personality. No matter […]

The Secrets to Navigating LA Modeling Agencies

Known as the entertainment hub of not only the United States but of the globe, Los Angeles has many talented, experienced and connected Individuals. As many are looking to start or create their dreams of joining the entertainment sphere, even modeling, there are a few tips and tricks of the trade to learn. Navigating around […]

What To Expect During Your Maternity Photography Shoot

You’re carrying around a little bundle of joy, and now it’s time to capture it on camera. Lately, it seems like the trend of shooting maternity photography is widespread and extremely popular. Just like pregnancy, there are a few expected and unexpected joys, bumps, or setbacks that can happen or occur when scheduling your upcoming […]

10 Top Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles

In the city of angels, there’s more than just aspiring actors and actress. Along with the music recording studios and TV casting auditions, there are modeling agencies in Los Angeles that are constantly seeking the best talent on the west coast. Many flock to LA looking to make it in the modeling world, some walk […]

8 Modeling Agencies in Chicago You Should Know

Known as the ‘Windy City’ and the midwestern hub of the United States, Chicago is a major contender in bringing in some of the best modeling talent in the country. With that being said, there are over dozens of different modeling agencies in Chicago city walls as well as the surrounding metropolitan area. While some […]

Ring the Bell! Photography Gift Guide For The Holiday Season

When it comes to buying the photographer in your life the perfect present, especially during this festive time of year, it can be quite a daunting task. The season is the perfect time to capture and showcase themed markets, lights, events and architecture with holiday cheer-and-bell photography, so your special someone will feel even more […]


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