10 Magazines That Accept Photography Submissions

Looking to get your work published? Here are 10 magazines, both digital and print, you should consider submitting your photography work to.

Photography Magazine Submissions | Photo by Kayla Mendez

Sharing your imagery on social media and your personal portfolio website is a great start to marketing your photography work. But, in order for you to expand your reach and build your creative network – it’s best to consider submitting your images to online and print publications. Depending on your specific niche, there is a wide selection of magazines that accept submissions.

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In fact, we have broken it down into two categories:

  • Photography focused publications for all types of image-makers including travel, still life and landscape
  • Fashion publications for portrait, commercial and lifestyle photographers.

10 Magazines That Accept Submissions

Photography Focused Publications

Feature Shoot


First, Feature Shoot accepts submissions from all areas of photography from advertising to still life as well as from beginning to professional photographers. They ask that you submit 4-5 images at 620 pixels wide and saved for web. You can send your submissions to: submissions@featureshoot.com

Outdoor Photographer


Outdoor Photographer accepts a maximum of 20 images for submission. Geared toward landscape and nature imagery, they work with all types of photographic styles from film to digital. Although, it appears that most of their submissions are through the mail. So, you will need to be selective of what photographs you  submit. You can find more information on their website here.

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F-Stop Magazine


F-Stop is another publication that accepts photographs from a variety of niches. The magazine does have submission requirements, with each issue having a specific theme to adhere to. For example, the upcoming August/September Issue has a theme of Land, Sea, and Air. For this issue, they are accepting up to 12 images that follow their specific guidelines. In fact, each issue is different, so it is best to check the requirements before sending your work. You can find more information here.

Fashion Publications

Jute Magazine


Jute Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on publishing high fashion editorials. Submissions must be sent by the required deadline with a PDF of the images and team credits. Additionally, each editorial is required to have a minimum of 8 looks and it is best to reference their Pinterest for their style and preferred content. You can send submissions to: submissions@jutefashionmagazine.com

Atlas Magazine


Atlas Magazine is an online magazine that accepts submissions based on each issue’s theme. In order to be considered, you must send your images in a PDF or JPEG format with the team credits and Instagram handles. You can send your submissions here:  info@theatlasmagazine.com

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One Magazine


One Magazine is a publication based in New York City. The magazine only accepts womenswear features and is focused on creating high-end fashion editorials. In order to submit, you must first send over an image for consideration. If approved, the team will request a full submission following the guidelines. You can read more about their submission process here.

Monrowe Magazine


Monrowe is another New York based publication accepting fine art, fashion editorials. The publication seems to be less about specific high fashion wardrobe and more on the story by the photography team. The editorials are artistic, personal and feature about 10 images. You can send submissions to MONROWE@MONROWEMAGAZINE.COM

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Flanelle Magazine


Flannel Magazine accepts submissions for both their web and print photography series. All issues are themed and the publication creates a mood board for inspiration and tailored content that can be viewed on their Pinterest. The submissions must be exclusive and contain all wardrobe credits. You can read more about the guidelines here.

Lucy’s Magazine


Lucy’s Magazine accepts submissions in both the beauty and fashion categories. For beauty, each look must have aspects such as makeup, hair, and accessories. Alternatively, fashion should feature 6 to 10 looks of designer fashion brands. Plus, the publication provides a mood board for each issue along with the date of publication and submission closing date. You can find more information here.

SYN Magazine


SYN is a publication that features fine art, fashion photography editorials. You can choose to submit directly for editorial or web consideration. Either way, they accept contact sheets with 10-30 images as well as a list of the wardrobe and team credits. You can view more about their submission guidelines here.

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