10 Top Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles

These are the top 10 modeling agencies in Los Angeles.

10 Top Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles
Julian Howard

In the city of angels, there’s more than just aspiring actors and actress. Along with the music recording studios and TV casting auditions, there are modeling agencies in Los Angeles that are constantly seeking the best talent on the west coast. Many flock to LA looking to make it in the modeling world, some walk in with the intention of landing the front of famous magazine publications while others are hoping to become brand ambassadors. Whether runway or commercials, modeling agencies in Los Angeles covers it all. Read on as we review ten of the most renowned modeling agencies in Los Angeles. We’ll discuss the agency’s history, where the company is going, as well as their talent represented and how to get scouted.

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The Top Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles

L.A. Models

History: Almost thirty years ago, L.A. Models was founded by Heinz Holba. Since the agency’s opening, L.A. Models is recognized in the industry as one of the top and buzzworthy modeling agencies in Los Angeles. From the 1980’s and on, Holba tried to prove that high-industry modeling talent and agency representation can be brought to the city of Los Angeles. Not only did Holba work hard to ensure the dreams of representing entertainment talent (from modeling, film/TV, etc) in Los Angeles became a reality, a trend was created. Now, there are over dozens of high profile agencies in the city.  

Where They Are Now: L.A. Models is known as one of the largest modeling agencies in Los Angeles (the entire west coast, in fact). With Heinz Holba’s success in Los Angeles, the sister agency New York Model Management in Manhattan is also doing well and rising in stature.

Past and Current Talent: L.A. Models currently represents models like Clara Alonso and Nadejda S. L.A. Models can be seen on the cover of top magazine publications like Vogue, Elle and Billboard.

How To Be Scouted: Those interested in pursuing a career and auditioning for L.A. Models have several scouting alternatives. First, applicants can fill out the online submission form (linked here). Additionally, aspiring talent can attend the agency’s open call on Wednesdays between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

L.A. Models Information Summary

Founded: By Heinz Holba
Phone Number: (323) 436-7700
Address: 7700 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9004
Email Contact: info@lamodels.com
Open Call Information: Every Wednesday between 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Zarzar Modeling Agency

Where They Are Now: As far as modeling agencies in Los Angeles go, Zarzar has dominated the La La Land’s female representation. Even though the agency was technically founded in San Diego, it deserves a spot on our list (as it serves the Los Angeles area).

Past and Current Talent: Talent from Zarzar can be seen in many different media outlets such as high-end fashion magazine ads and runway, commercials and film. Even providing representation to San Diego’s most beautiful woman. Zarzar’s representation can be seen on the covers of both Vogue and Glamour.

How To Be Scouted: Zarzar modeling is looking for interested and potential talent to email all contact information (including the best phone number to reach you), modeling pictures, and statistics (found on the questionnaire here) to 2018@zarzarmodels.com or contact them at: 1-619-800-3139 for additional questions. When applying, specify that you’d like to be considered for the modeling agency in Los Angeles.

Zarzar Modeling Agency Information Summary

Phone Number: (619) 800-3139
Address: 515 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071
Email Contact: 2018@zarzarmodels.com
Open Call Information: No Open Calls Available

Bella Agency

History: Bella Agency was founded not too long ago in New York City in 2004. Since then, the agency has made its way to the city of angels (starting in 2011) and now holds a reputable status among modeling agencies in Los Angeles. As Bella Agency caters to brand representation they decided to take on including influencers to their rosters as social media branding has been rising since the agency’s opening.

Where They Are Now: A true industry leader in diversity, Bella is one of the top boutique modeling agencies in of Los Angeles. The agency covers a wide variety of talent seen in many print and television ads. Their talent covers men, women, kids and teens as well as influencers.

Past and Current Talent: Talent represented by Bella Agency can be seen on a significant amount of notable ads (both film and print). A good percentage of the industry (especially amongst modeling agencies in Los Angeles) in the advertising space are on Bella Agency’s roster. Some of these ad campaigns include: United Airlines, Coca Cola, Three-O Vodka, Orbit Gum and Nivea Skincare.

How To Be Scouted: Bella Agency unfortunately does not host open calls for auditions or look throughs. Instead, those interested in being represented by Bella Agency can fill out and submit the online form which can be found here.

Bella Agency Information Summary

Phone Number: (323) 462-9191
Address: 1680 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Email Contact: infola@bellaagency.com
Open Call Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here.

Wilhelmina Models  

History: Previously known as Wilhelmina Models, Wilhelmina International is a full service talent and modeling agency which is headquartered in New York City. Even though the agency was founded inthe big apple, it still earns a spot on our list of top modeling agencies in Los Angeles. Founded in 1967 by Wilhelmina Cooper, the agency’s clients range from traditional models, to actors/actress, musicians, artists, and even athletes. From its founding, Wilhelmina Models (and International) have undergone multiple changes to get it to the agency it is today. After Wilhelmina’s passing, the company was sold off to the agency’s business partners. It was then bought in 1989 for four million dollars to Horst-Dieter Esch who had the idea of merging Wilhelmina, Elite, and Ford into one supreme, large agency. When the merger fell through, Esch sold his stake to New Century. It was then that Wilhelmina Models changed its name to Wilhelmina International. In 2009, the agency became a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol WHLM. In 2012 Wilhelmina launched an artist division that caters to both film and musical talent. Most recently, in 2016, Aperture was launched by Wilhelmina that expands not only to film and music but commercials as well.

Where They Are Now: Many hopefuls looking to make a name for themselves in the modeling business and showcase the latest trends in entertainment, head to La La Land. In the land filled with the best of the best, and people flocking from all over, Wilhelmina has made its own name for itself. Wilhelmina International has offices in New York and Miami in addition to having one of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles. On top of their headquarters and regional office, Wilhelmina has licensees throughout the world.

Wilhelmina Models contains a network with over hundreds of local model management firms. This assist them in finding and developing the next generation of talent. Wilhelmina believes that model scouting and development initiatives should extend to national model searches. Some ways they go about scouting include concerts and events outlined with strategic media partners. This assist all parties in utilizing the latest in information and social technologies to help their company and associating brands develop.Wilhelmina Models remains a fast growing and leader in the industry for fashion and beauty, as has been this way for over fifty years.

Past and Current Talent: Some of the most notable talent signed under Wilhelmina International include Leona Lewis, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, and One Direction star Niall Horan.

How To Be Scouted: Wilhelmina has what is known as Willy scouts that seek their potential new talent. Open calls take place at their LA offices on the following days at the associating times: Women’s open calls are every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00. Men’s open calls are every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm. If you can not attend an open call, those still interested in applying can use this online submission form.

Wilhelmina International Los Angeles Information Summary

Founded: By Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper
Phone Number: (310) 601-2530 – Women, (310) 601-2531 – Men
Address: 9378 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Email Contact: infola@bellaagency.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Women: Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4pm. Men: Wednesday from 3-4pm.

Elite Model

History: While Elite Model Management started in Paris, France in 1972 by John Casablancas, it opened up shop in the United States (NYC) a couple years later in 1977. Since then, Elite has been a major player in seeking talent. As the agency has been expanding locations throughout the globe, they’re now considered one of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles. Dating back to the agency’s opening, many agencies in Europe (in particular Paris and Milan) were holding onto model’s funds to ensure they would continue working. The ideology of holding money was obviously frowned upon in the seventies. Where America and British agencies gave their talent the proper respect and payment they deserved, Elite opened the US base office to follow suit and gain competitive models to their roster. As mentioned earlier, once Elite opened their doors in the United States they engaged in the model wars of the eighties. Once Wilhelmina passed away, her clients had the decision to bounce to either Ford or Elite looking for new representation. This made Elite an incredibly desired place to sign.

Where They Are Now: Elite Model Management, just like in the eighties, is still a top contender for potential new talent and ranked amongst modeling agencies in Los Angeles as one of the most desirable places to sign. What’s incredibly groundbreaking about Elite Modeling Agency, is that they’re not afraid to shake up the perceived beauty. Elite’s scouts look for natural talent from every corner. In fact, Elite was the first to sign a transgender african american into their roster, making strides in the modern modeling career field.

Past and Current Talent: Elite Modeling Agency scouted Linda Evangelista at a Miss Niagara Teen Contest. While she didn’t win the overall contest, she did win over the eyes of Elite scouts who wanted her to come join. Linda had graduated high school early and was looking to make some extra cash before college so she signed with Elite (not knowing the potential she had). She is now known, as one of the most iconic supermodels in the world. Like Ford, Elite also holds Model Looks competition. It was here that fourteen year old Alessandro Ambrosio was discovered and became a finalist. Needless to say, that Elite pushed Alessandro into an international phenomena and was one of the longest running Victoria Secret Angels (she retired her wings and walked her last show in December 2017’s VS Fashion show).

How To Be Scouted: Elite Model Management is all about being inclusive, promoting diversity and change. Their true test to see if a model is worthy of being signed to their roster is all about being completely authentic. Open calls take place every Tuesday (excluding holidays) between 2pm and 3 pm. Females 14-24 yrs old and 5’7” – 5’11” Through this form, Elite suggest capturing several images of yourself.

*Pictures should contain tight-fitted clothing and a bare face when submitting. They also want a true ‘personality image’ submitted with your application, so allow your true self to show!

Elite Model Los Angeles Information Summary

Founded: By John Casablancas
Phone Number: (310) 274-9395
Address: 518 North La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90048
Email Contact: lainfo@elitemodel.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here. The agency’s open calls take place every tuesday between 2:00pm and 3:00pm

Next Management

Known for being an agency that attributes to and represents both models in luxe and mass fashion. Next Management differs from many agencies in the industry as it not only suits the needs of their clients, but helps work through the logistics of the trade as well as personality development to make it far in the modeling world.

History: Otherwise known as NEXT Models, NEXT Management was started as a talent and modeling agency in 1989 by both Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld. When models join NEXT, there tends to be a push of popularity that follows as this particular agency has become one of the industry’s leading fashion management. Unlike other modeling agencies in NYC, NEXT branched into representing influencers in addition to models, actors and musicians.

Where They Are Now: With the addition of the first digital influencers management division in 2009 NEXT Models is covering a large variety of talent that is moving in the direction of the future, as the rise of branding and the accessible content is seemingly the next frontier. Additionally, in 2013 NEXT opened another branch of their agency that speaks to fashion artist-focussed talent. Their last big move was acquiring Metier marketing and branding agency in 2015.  

Past and Current Talent: Some of the most well known musicians, rappers, and DJs are represented by NEXT, including: A$AP Rocky, Diplo & MIA, Ellie Goulding, Travis Scott (from Blink 182) and Lana Del Ray. Along with their long list of reputable musicians, they represent beauty and fashion models including: Ana Beatriz Barros, Malgosia Bela, Meghan Collison, Tatiana Cotliar and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

How To Be Scouted: There are two ways to connect with NEXT Models in New York City. First is to submit the online form, found here, make sure to complete each section of the form as well as sending five images covering a range of angles and body focus’. Additionally, you can reach out to the local agency (Los Angeles’ Number is: 323-782-0010) and schedule an open call.

Next Model Management Los Angeles Information Summary

Founded: By both Faith Kates & Joel Wilkenfeld
Phone Number: (323) 782-0010
Address: 8447 Wilshire Blvd Penthouse, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Email Contact: submissions@nextmodels.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here.

Ford Models

History: One of the oldest and most iconic agencies in the industry. Started in the year 1946, Ford during its time in the spotlight has created offices not only in Los Angeles, but New York, Paris and Chicago. Formerly known as The Ford Modeling Agency, Ford Models is notably one of the most prestigious model agencies in Los Angeles. Started by Eileen Ford (wife of Manhattan business man Jerry Ford) in 1946 and initially ran out of their home. It was even said that they would let teenage models stay in their home in New York City to complete jobs in and around the city with more ease. Leading the industry, Ford was the first agency that began paying their talent ahead of time before their assigned jobs. Ford was monopolizing model talent for a while, until other agencies came on the scene. The model wars never stopped Ford from gaining the best of the best, in 1980, Ford held the Ford Supermodel World Contest that brought in over 60,000 models ever year.

Where They Are Now: Along with being an industry leader in model talent and representation in various fields (like fashion, beauty, branding and publication content), Ford Models has now extended a branch of its agency to associating professions to the fashion and beauty industry. Ford now will represent hair stylist, fashion stylist, makeup artist, photographers, art directors, prop designers and stylers, set stylist and even manicurist.

Past and Current Talent: Ford Models represent talent like Channing Tatum and long-time supermodel Christy Turlington. Ford is also known for the success of these past iconic models: Rachel Hunter (in fact being with Ford is a reason she received a working contract with Covergirl), Brooke Shields, Ali MacGraw, Beverly Johnson, Suzy Parker, Christie Brinkley, and Candice Bergen.  

How To Be Scouted: Ford Models hold open casting calls in Los Angeles, on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4pm. For those unable to to reach in in person open call casting, Ford has an online form.

Ford Models Los Angeles Information Summary

Founded: Eileen and Jerry Ford
Phone Number: (310) 276-8100
Address: 9200 Sunset Boulevard Suite 817, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Email Contact: la@fordmodels.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here. The agency’s open calls take place every tuesday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm

Q Models

History: Being one of the relatively new modeling agencies in Los Angeles in the industry (but not the newest), Q Models was founded in 1998. Led by Jeffrey Kolsrud, the overnight success, Q Models, had become one of the most sought after modeling agencies in Los Angeles. The Q Models network includes: clients, photographers, magazines, casting directors and associating agencies.

Where They Are Now: Q Models celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. While the agency has had a large amount of success when it comes to signing talented models and entertainment stars, they pride themselves on their ability to care and develop their client relationships. Q Models continues to grow with networks expanded to both Los Angeles and New York CIty.

Past and Current Talent: Q Models’ talent can be seen modeling and representing brands like: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Pantene, Sephora, Revlon, Apple and Nike.

How To Be Scouted: Q Models suggest all interested applicants fill out and their online application and submit through their website (can be found linked here). Unfortunately, they do not host open calls at the current moment.

Q Models Information Summary

Founded: Jeffrey Kolsrud
Phone Number: (310) 205-2888
Address: 8618 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Email Contact: la@qmanagementinc.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here.  

Hollywood Model Management (HMM)

History: Working as one of the top full service modeling agencies in Los Angeles, HMM is more recognized as a boutique-style company. Given the smaller size (less corporate nature) of their agency, HMM specializes in focusing on the needs and demands of their client list. Everything from representation, to personal brand building, to counseling are only a few list items offered by HMM.

Where They Are Now: HMM has expanded to now include influencers onto their roster. Under the leadership of Director Agris Blaubuks, HMM is recognized as one of the most prominent modeling agencies in Los Angeles.

Past and Current Talent: Female HMM Talent can be found of the covers of magazine publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle Brazil. Male talent at HMM can be found as the brand ambassador for Aldo, Armani, Guess, Calvin Klein and Versace.

How To Be Scouted: There are two ways to join the HMM family, one of which is to attend their open call which occurs every Wednesday from 3-4pm. Additionally, those who are interested in being considered but can’t make open call can submit the online form found here.

Hollywood Model Management Summary

Phone Number: (323) 871-1240
Address: 953 Cole Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Email Contact: info@hmmla.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here. The agency’s open calls take place every wednesday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm  

Vision Models LA

History: Started in 1999, before the turn of the millenium, Vision Models LA is a reputable boutique-styled modeling agency that covers both fashion and beauty brands which attribute to brand’s print/television ads and runway representation.  

Where They Are Now: Vision Models LA understands the importance behind strong and loyal client relations. The agency’s number one objective moving into the future (and most likely why it’s rated as one of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles) is continuing to foster and create personal relationships with their clients. Additionally, Vision Models LA is focusing more on covering social media and digital outlets in the entertainment community as it’s increasing in popularity with the rise of social media. Vision Models LA is  creative group of experienced agents, Francine Champagne, Owner and President, and Tony Perkins, Director of Scouting, head up this amazing team.

Past and Current Talent: Currently at Vision Models LA is popular commercial actress Vanessa Curry. She can be seen on a wide range of branding material including: Old Navy and 5-Hour Energy. Television actor, Andy Favreau is also represented by Vision Models LA and can be seen on his latest appearance for Will & Grace.

How To Be Scouted: While there’s no listing of open calls at this time with Vision Models LA. Their agency suggest submitted their online submission form for representation consideration (link can be found, here).

Vision Models LA Information Summary

Founded: By Francine Champagne
Phone Number: (310) 733-4440
Address: 8631 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Email Contact: info@visionlosangeles.com
Open Call/Scout Information: Online portal submissions can be found online, here. Vision is currently not hosting any open calls.

*It’s important to know, many companies or individuals can pose themselves as scouts for any of the listed modeling agencies in Los Angeles. Before sending any information or money, please check with the listed agencies representatives on the main website. These agencies will likely not ask for money, or inappropriate or lingerie images, so these would be automatic red flags.

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